I read this article, and I have to say how …

Comment on Years in gaol for six perpetrators of alcohol-fuelled killings by Erica Higgins.

I read this article, and I have to say how surprised I was by the in depth level of Journalism in the coverage of the tragic story. I then read about the other sentencing of the shooter at the water hole. Much shorter coverage and seemed like hardly any blame on the drugs and alcohol use or family background to that crime. Just seems like Aboriginal crime is perceived as worse than european crime, regardless of the cause or effect. No one wants to see drug or alcohol inspired crime, but could we get a bit more even handed in our journalistic coverage of sentencing regardless of the colour or background? Justice should be blind to prejudice, journalists could try writing with the same level of professionalism.
KIERAN FINNANE replies: The report on Reuben Nadich’s sentencing was the latest in a series of articles about the waterhole shooting, which have included detail on his drug-taking and drinking on the night and his protracted drug habit. The Alice Springs News has been the only medium to offer detailed coverage of this crime, as is the case with another series of reports dealing with a serious assault by non-Aboriginal offenders, Jason Corp and Benjamin Gaff. These again included details of their heavy drinking on the night of the offending. A further series of reports dealing with the non-Aboriginal offenders convicted of the manslaughter of Kwementyaye Ryder detailed the role of alcohol in the case. All reports can be found by googling our archive.

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