This is just a symptom of the dysfunctional aboriginal communities. The …

Comment on Anderson blames ganja for youth suicides by Syd.

This is just a symptom of the dysfunctional aboriginal communities.
The social disease in these places would shock most people and the amount of tax payers’ money spent for no result and all boggles the mind.
It is easy to blame the whites for the problems as most armchair social guilt trippers do, but you have to ask, what have these people done to try and improve their own circumstances?
The answer is not much.
There is large number of liaison officers, social workers, councillors, legal aid lawyers, consultants, experts and other members of the great aboriginal industry, that drive around in nice new land cruisers that spend there time setting up committees, making recommendations and exchanging strongly worded emails, but achieve nothing but waste public funds.
If that is the best result we can get for the hundreds of millions of dollars spent then there is something very wrong with the system.
Get rid of the ineffective administrators, dismantle the great Aboriginal industry, then send in the army or what ever it takes to get a their communities out of the stone age.

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From Intervention Lalaland: ‘We demand reparations’
Never before in the field of of government welfare has so much been given by so many for so long to so few for no measurable result.
If I may suggest an anthem for the committee could it be, get a hair cut and get a real job?

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