Of all the idiotic, brainless, moronic things I have read …

Comment on Fire fighting: red tape comes first by Julie Thomsen.

Of all the idiotic, brainless, moronic things I have read – this takes the cake. They should be made to stand on the front line of a bushfire themselves. Wayne Cullenane gives tirelessly to anyone in need. For someone to treat him this way, I can only assume that they are new to town, or the country! Wayne deserves a Medal, not this insane treatment. I am pretty sure that on this particular occasion, the grader also suffered two punctures which are not cheap to replace. So, what, next time there is an emergency, no one can blame Wayne for thinking twice about helping. This country is built on people like Wayne, it is absolutely disgusting that anyone would treat him this way. Get you head out of your A@SE and see what the real world is like.
ED – The weighbridge staff have apologized for not realizing that the grader operator was on his way to a fire, and have waived the fine imposed.

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So, no reporting on the fact that this site was the sole reason that the said Ute was found – hmmmm, biased perhaps? Or just too cynical to want to help our town maybe? The truth doesn’t make good reporting I guess. Just quotes from people who can’t follow guidelines!

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