What I find difficult to understand is why is it …

Comment on From Intervention Lalaland: ‘We demand reparations’ by jbone.

What I find difficult to understand is why is it always the Aboriginal people saying they are being discriminated against? I feel discriminated against everyday as I have to go to work to earn money, I have to pay my mortgage off my house that I had to save and scrimp for. I had to go to school in order to get these things. When I finished school there was no Caucasian scholarship available to me even if my grades weren’t up to scratch. There is no Caucasian night patrol if I am drunk and walking around town to give me a free taxi ride to a place where they will wash my clothes and give me a bed to sleep in and then a free feed in the morning. You feel you have been shamed?? Are you kidding me? The reasons for the intervention were because the large MAJORITY of your race is out of control.
I am so sick of hearing this poor bugger me attitude. You want to go back to your traditional ways except when things start going wrong which would inevitably be immediately you will be asking for money and expecting to get it straight away … and guess what, you will get it! I wish there was a way we could stop all these ridiculous handouts that the indigenous people of this country get for sitting on there backsides and doing nothing. Guess what, this is not just your land! This is my land and every other Australian’s who was born here.
I wish I could get some royalties because I know I wouldn’t go and piss it up against a wall and I’m sure if other hard working Australians were given free money we would actually put it to good use! Stop the handouts, stop the sit-down money, stop your complaining. Everyone is sick of it. You must be the only race that is de-evolving, if there is such a thing!

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