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Comment on Behind the anti-intervention tirade: wanting a slice of the action? by Bev.

Yes why isn’t Tangentyere Council accountable for its actions? On top of the comments from the previous person, why is it not checked out about who owns what in Alice Springs. Some of the biggest businesses in town are Aboriginal owned which means they are getting handouts plus have their own corporate income.
Yet those of other nationalities in town with genuine problems are not allowed to get help – told we are lazy when we are sick etc.
I have seen so many examples of the richer Aboriginals taking or hurting the poorer ones – rich ones coming into charity organizations with hundreds of dollars on them and claiming they have not the money to pay for anything.
Yet the poorer Aboriginals with genuine needs are ignored – left out of everything too. Wake up Australia and see what is going on.
Just because they are Aboriginal does not mean they are poor. For the love of God help the poor ones but bring the law down hard on the rich ones. I said before leave out the sentence on the forms asking if one is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander – just ask do you need help.
Those who can work must work – those who genuinely can’t, help them.
Do-gooders have done so much damage. Also stop punishing those who speak up for the truth.
Up to now any person who speaks the truth about the Aboriginals gets punished or kicked out of town.
PS: I speak from my own experience and because I don’t kowtow to the rich Aboriginals and their friends I have been told to get out of town and am not allowed to even come near the poorer Aboriginals even though I sympathize with them.

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Flood mitigation: Don’t mention the dam
Put in a comment and get told I have already said that – well I did years ago but if it is recently said it was not me so someone is claiming to be me.

Flood mitigation: Don’t mention the dam
Maybe someone can mention to the Town Council that it is time they got up to date and started recycling – there are many in Alice Springs without access to cars so the recycling shop is out of access and also so are the charities which are in town and well out of reach of those without cars.
This morning I cleaned out the cupboards and got rid of cooking things we never use – the problem: No car and no-one to help get rid of them.
If the council does not like that sort of thing going in the rubbish then they had best start recycling: Have one bin for general rubbish, one for recycling and one for garden.
Expensive initially but far less so as time goes on and better for the charities and for the environment.
However I start to wonder if they even care about staying up to date.

Surprising conservative on council: Jacinta Price
For the person who speaks about duplicate comments I say this.
Duplication of comments stresses what you say. It is used in the above article – but I guess because Jacinta Price is an Aboriginal and backed by Damien Ryan that is OK for her to do it but not others.
That is racial prejudice and that is the point I am making, that if she is backed because she is Aboriginal then she is judging others on the fact they are not Aboriginal. So she is not any better than anyone before her.

Surprising conservative on council: Jacinta Price
It is really time that all remembered the dozens of Australians who are not Aboriginal.All people of all nationalities should be treated with respect – and so should their possessions.
Also, it is about time that the Aboriginals learnt that their race is disproportionally represented in government.
If I as a white person coming from a farming background with my parents employing people have to learn that the farm we once owned is no longer ours then the Aboriginals have to learn the same.
It is a fact of life and their resentment holds them back from living life and experiencing the new.
Totally unbiased people are hard to find – by that I mean that they can forget the Aboriginal past and see them included in the Australian race of the year 2017.
Land rights etc have held the Aboriginals back, not letting them move into this century, the only ones to benefit are those who can leave the past in the past and forget the resentment. By that I don’t mean letting others run ship shod all over you in the present and past, ignoring the law of the land and abusing people. Time it stopped.

Police injured: Three incidents in one week
What about the other side of the story where the police won’t help a citizen who is being abused because the police officers and security guards belong to certain churches and cult like groups who use their job to abuse people.
Don’t tell me it cannot happen because it happen to me and the ones abusing me were in the police force and security guards but supported by the churches that were doing it.
I can no longer find these people but I know their methodology and it often involves Scientology and the very rich.

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