As I drove down South Terrace this morning, I saw …

Comment on Restoring the wild river: citizen action can make a difference by David Woods.

As I drove down South Terrace this morning, I saw a very hopeful sign … two teams of prisoners whipper-snipping around the River Red Gums in the Todd River starting at the Taffy Pick Crossing.
With Ken Johnson’s example, we might be able to convince the Council to do a follow up spray to reduce the area of buffel so that in the future there is less need for mowing and even less chance of death by fire for the wonderfully ancient River Reds.

ED – Sorry for this dampener, David, but Thursday maintenance in the river, with the help of prisoners, is business as usual, as reported on November 29 in ‘No change in council’s priorities in the river’. And council’s Director of Technical Services, Greg Buxton, says council has not got the resources to do careful spraying, that is, spraying only for invasive grasses while not damaging other plants (see ‘River management: the struggle to get long-term action’, December 1).

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