Bob get help. Plenty of good places here in Alice. …

Comment on Besieged businessman stands for zero tolerance but also calls for more ‘joy and laughter’ by Janet Brown.

Bob get help. Plenty of good places here in Alice. A reoccurring appointment to relationships Australia or holy oak. May help you with your delusions and get you back in the real world. And I say this out of paternal caring.

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Besieged businessman stands for zero tolerance but also calls for more ‘joy and laughter’
Murray said he got them from you.

Besieged businessman stands for zero tolerance but also calls for more ‘joy and laughter’
Well my oh my, the jumping to conclusions by some displays that you read what you want into comments and ignoring the facts. Now some of you have proven that you have no desire to have a balanced view on anything. You saw the name Steve, and without any further thought went straight to print with your attacks. Big news guys. Many many Steve men and boys in the world. And Steve is a great sparky. And will also make a great mayor. And I must say a man who stands on principles and has vision and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes is worth voting for. A quote: Failure is the consequence of trying to please everyone.
That is why we believe in equality. Equality under law. Equality under human rights. Equality is not a dirty word. But segregation is an insult to all Australians. Yet it is alive and well and funded by federal state and territory governments. And anybody or bodies that advocate to implement laws, policy or acts that are intent on impacting on race differences or issues. The alcohol drama is just that. Based on race. And those who defend their actions and say it is not race based then why is the calculation based on aboriginal suffering. Equality, balance, respect and compassion. For all Australians rich or poor. We all live and share the same world. Let’s try to get along

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Gallery: Gunner sticks with ANZAC Oval
YD. The ground the old high school sits on is not your oval. The gallery is being built on that land. There is no building on the oval.
I am so concerned for the logic of the protesting few. The oval is not mine or yours.
It is council public property. For everyone.
The school is going and a new building being built. The gallery. Please think about your protest before yell to loudly. The school grounds are not the oval.

Indigenous gallery location done and dusted, says Lambley
I have spoken also to many people and they support Anzac as the location. As stated it is going on the land of the old high school.
A meeting at council and public consultation. It is government land. They do not have to consult with anyone.
When it comes to including the oval for open area then that is a need for MOU. Basic logic. The building is going on the government land. Now let’s all settle down and deal with facts.

The millions and the misery
Jen, how many failed programs have you been employed with?
This is not about giving young people a voice this is about giving young people a safe space.
With people who care about their safety. Not a government program that employees robots who perform for the wages.
This project is about people supporting kids and ensuring their safety. Relax. Revive and not be throw on the street after the place closes.
Empathy and real compassion will be the base of volunteers.
Not a government position in a high needs spot. People who care. That is why we will succeed.

The millions and the misery
The perfect location.

Memo Club for 24/7 youth centre?
I really am not surprised by the responses by people who have been part of these failed programs.
And still are part of them. You all yell loudly the amount of agencies who are doing something.
Yet our you problems continue. These places are all individual pieces of the puzzle. Never to join up and offer real security and safety. Peace meal titbits.
What we are dissucissing is a community centre that is open and operating 24/7. Were kids have a place. The current supports while well meaning miss the big picture. Kids want security and safety. Couch surfing is not what I would call safety.
This will be a place to call into to relax. Get a feed and relax. Similar to a home environment one that will give opportunities to kids to make life choices on their voice.
I watched for the first time last night blind side. What a story. A story to reinforce the need for a place and people to care for our kids.
Those people who want to pat themselves on the back and protect themselves is the real shame of failing our kids.
We are taking a stand to provide safety and security to these kids. And you want to knock us for standing up for these kids. Really. I really do not care about your failures. I care about the kids.

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