Great summary Kieran. One of the things that I don’t …

Comment on Nose-diving CBD: it happened on the 11th Council’s watch by Dianne.

Great summary Kieran. One of the things that I don’t think that you have given enough attention to is the lack of a strong voice in the Minister for Central Australia. Since Alison Anderson went independent there has been no one on the Labor side of politics (who are in charge, let’s face it!) with any backbone to push for Alice Springs needs.
It is quite sad really that Territory Labor seems to have the same disease as Federal Labor in punishing electorates or people that don’t support them. Alice Springs could be used as a textbook case of this type of thing.
One wonders if the Chief Minister is organising his “luxury coach tour” for local business people to show off the project work in this town as he is in Darwin.
And, where is our Minister for Central Australia – SILENT as always. Very disappointing.

ED – Dianne, you’ll be interested to read the comment piece in this edition by Erwin Chlanda, titled ‘Minister for Football’.

Recent Comments by Dianne

There’s more to renewables than sunshine
Meanwhile, throughout the world, there is a growing realisation that the great climate con is all about the money and where it is flowing.
How much longer are people going to put up with this renewables fiasco?
It seems to have escaped a great number of politicians throughout the West that business = tax revenue and the more businesses that are driven out of operation by escalating costs the less real tax there is.

Ratepayer, do you want your money back?
They can give the damned money back!
We are taxed to the gunnels by all levels of government and enough is enough.

CLP pushes for oil & gas, including fracking
The arguments here over who is right or wrong are really moot.
The real question is how are we as a Territory going to pay for the services that our citizens need / demand.
If selling gas is the only option, then we sell gas.
We can no longer expect taxpayers in other struggling regional areas of the country to subsidise us $5.28 for every $1 we collect in GST revenues.

And just to highlight my personal views – I didn’t vote for the ALP because of their views on fracking / 50% renewables (which is totally unaffordable).
I voted for them because they weren’t Adam Giles.

Town gets a say in its economic future as $2b cut hits home
All of these comments here about “our” loss, but what about the loss of those that actually pay the GST? $0.30 for every $1 collected in WA, whereas we receive $5.28 for every $1 collected.
The only answer is MORE private industry, but I fear that we are pushing it up hill, when we see that the NTG is still using government owned / operated facilities to compete with private industry (sentenced to a job program), and we have not for profits competing against industry for work, and activism dressed up as business.

CAAMA radio: questions on Hampton appointment
Are we getting to the point that we have too many snouts and not enough troughs?

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