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Comment on Town council grapples with Falconio poster: Author hits out at Mayor Ryan by Eli Melky.

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Dear Hal, you say I went to Ground on 2 occasions last night during the council meeting. I have put up one explanation regarding the wanted poster, see post (Dear Erwin, regarding your article posted: May 15, 2012 at 7:21 am Town council grapples with Falconio poster.)
As to your claim of my interrupting Cr Douglas as he talked about rubbish and Charles Creek, “with a warning not to say too much”. I can assure you that you cannot be further from the truth, I do support open discussion. However as Councillors are not afforded the protection against litigation for slander and defamation, I felt the need to speak up to avoid any further naming of third parties in the discussion.
I did not hide in confidential and was prepared to discuss these matters in open at all times.
Best wishes
Eli Melky

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Town council grapples with Falconio poster: Author hits out at Mayor Ryan
Dear Erwin, regarding your article posted: May 15, 2012 at 7:21 am Town council grapples with Falconio poster.
You referred to my careful address of the issue as (“This was an odd tack for Cr Melky who likes to be known as the champion of transparent government”).
You are right to suggest I support discussion in the open section, which by raising the matter in open only further cements my strong stand on supporting open discussion.
However I think this was a matter that did require a delicate approach as clearly I did not want to present any parties mentioned in open with an opportunity of possible litigation against me or anyone else who was to discuss the matter in open.
I asked the CEO to investigate if the promoters of the wanted poster could be in breach of any false and misleading advertising given they have promoted a cash reward and if so to refer it to the relative authority. Doing this without mentioning names, even though they are already in the public domain, was an attempt to reduce the potential of litigation for slander or defamation against me and others.
I do not support any type of propaganda marketing at the expense of our town and will act to discourage any further outbreak of this kind of marketing.
Eli Melky

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Eli Melky to stand against Adam Giles
@ Louise Stokes, Posted August 2, 2016 at 1:41 pm
Louise, my family and I are just glad you and your family ended up safe and OK.
I agree traveling the highway can be hazardous.
This is why I always stop and will continue to stop and assist with what we can.

Threat of rain on Bangtail parade could not keep them away
Thank you Alice Springs News for your Bangtail Muster special, this year’s event had over 1000 participants of all ages dressed in a variety of outfits from the beautiful to the spectacular.
As always it was the pre-schoolers who stole the show with mums and dads not far away taking happy snaps. The Rotary Club of Alice Springs is proud to have presented the community of Alice Springs for the past 53 years or so the Bangtail Muster Parade and we are looking forward to many more in the future.
Many thanks to all those who have taken the time and organised their parade floats and entries, your contribution is priceless. A big thank you also to the Alice Springs Town Council who each year provide invaluable support. To the Police, Fire Rescue and Emergency services and to the Department of Transport for your support, thank you.
Thank you also to the NT Government for your Grant support and the many organisations who were also involved in helping out in making sure the parade ran smoothly.
Huge thank you to each and every member of the Rotary Club of Alice Springs who without your help this parade just would not be possible, you know who you are.
Finally, to David Mortimer a Rotarian, a Paul Harris Fellow and a valued member of the club who was your organiser again this year, Congratulations on a wonderful and successful event.
See you all next year.
Best wishes:
Eli Melky
President Rotary Club of Alice Springs

Council row over netball stadium that may shrink
Further more following this story being updated: I will start by saying netball certainly deserves a stadium.
However I grow increasingly alarmed at this candidate’s proximity to Council funds. Brown in the update says council could find the extra money needed from council funds to finish the stadium.
Where exactly are you going to find the money Brown?
For every $175,000 approximately needed that equates to a 1% rate rise. Are you planning to raise the rates this year so you can fund your mates’ political promise? After all as you say it would be political suicide for any politician to stop this project.
Including your recent ABC radio interview, this is the second time you have publicly committed council to paying a shortfall of who knows how many hundreds of thousands of rate payers dollars. Are you planning on ram raiding council funds using the support of your CLP colleagues within council?
There is DeBrenie (Vice Pres of CLP), Price, Douglas, Heenan, all CLP members, and you the CLP candidate, makes up the majority of five needed to pass the motion. But you have obviously worked that out.
And you thought that last bit of exchange in council was heated. Mate you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Council row over netball stadium that may shrink
It has been highlighted by Brown that the term of Council has been extended by one and a half years, a decision made by the NT Government and forced upon us all, rate payers included.
It must be also noted that when Council was asked by the NT Government whether we support this extention, the record will show that Brown voted in favour at that council meeting.
To date only Brown and Paech have nominated for the upcoming NT elections.
My personal view is good on those who step up, however there is a right way and the conflicted way.
In his position, I would have stood down from the positions of Deputy Mayor, Chair of Technical services, Council rep on DCA, Water Advisory Committee and most certainly the sole Councillor rep on the Committee dealing with NT Government representatives on the development of the netball stadium. In my view Brown has chosen the conflicted way.

A new ‘Made in Prison’ row?
@ Steve Brown Posted February 10, 2016 at 7:30am: What happens when the leadership does another mongrel act? Will you attack the CLP again? You are not fooling anyone with your selective loyalties. The CLP of today you speak of is the same CLP of yesterday, no one is fooled by that either.
Now let me quote another one of your comments you made as part of your resignation – “we make absolutely no apology at all for speaking out! We would do exactly the same again tomorrow, decency must prevail!”
You were not loyal then but expect hard working members of the CLP to believe you now.
Right you are, I was there and as the then Deputy Treasurer of the CLP (not local branch), I asked the questions about the party finances and Foundation 51.
I resigned from the party following a long and unfortunate abusive campaign directed at me by senior CLP members who refused to provide information about the party finances and Foundation 51.
How can anyone trust a political party like the CLP who would not be upfront and honest with its own deputy treasurer?
Today we read front page of the NT News another amazing story about your Deputy Chief Minister.
You want to make us believe that the CLP are the best people to run this Territory? You have got to be kidding me.

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