I believe the baby was taken by dingoes as it …

Comment on It’s official, the dingo did take and kill Azaria Chamberlain: Coroner by Erik.

I believe the baby was taken by dingoes as it makes sense. The alternative just does not make sense given the evidence.
Any outdoors man who has come across dingoes in the wild knows they are highly intelligent hunters and opportunistic feeders. I have been stalked by dingoes in WA. As a 6 ft adult man they will keep their distance but they do follow in packs and circle. There’s no doubt they observe and plan looking to exploit a weakness. If I were a small child in that situation I’d no longer be here.
Unless a tent is zipped up properly and by that I mean lateral and vertical zips done up tight end to end a dingo will find it easy to enter. I’ve found myself guilty of often doing up only the central zipper of the tent This would make it very easy for a dingo to simply push through the gap and the zip will open itself. I know because my dog has entered my zipped up tent this way before!
The fact is this family had no idea of the dangers dingoes present to the young. I feel for this family and I hope they have some closure now. It’s only taken 32 bloody years!

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