Angela Pamela, smoke and mirrors, that’s all it was and …

Comment on Local Labor always opposed u-mine at Angela Pamela: Araluen ALP candidate Adam Findlay by Concerned Alice Resident.

Angela Pamela, smoke and mirrors, that’s all it was and that’s all it will ever be. Wake up, people.
It served its purpose to generate some cash, that’s all!

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Kids enemy No 1 in law & order debate – or the main victims?
I find it funny how people comment on they way indigenous people behave in town. I seem to recall quite a few people in town have profited greatly from these indigenous issues, ie repairs and maintenance of houses in communities. If it wasn’t for the need to support the locals none of us would have any reason to be here.
This issue is far bigger than any of us fully understand and there is no solution, as we are 40 years too late and there is nothing in the Territory to count as a industry power house. Small fish in a small fishbowl..And it is usualy the case that those who shout the loudest about law and order are the most corrupt.
Alice Springs is the proverbial can of worms regarding dirty deals done dirt cheap.
PS: Don’t yell to loud, the world is watching this place with great interest.
It is going to get very interesting here in the NT, so strap your selves in boys and girls, the fun has only just begun.

The Y withdraws from town pool management
Why don’t you ask the question of the person who got his finger cut off recently and the arrival of fire and rescue the other day at the center. The hospital should be able to provide a comment.

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