Well said Leigh, a reasonable point of view. And it …

Comment on $20m gated community proposed for Pine Gap staff by Ian Sharp.

Well said Leigh, a reasonable point of view. And it does raise the question of other gated communities / complexes around the town.
And even some of the fenced-in fortresses that some individual dwellings have become over the years.
Why can’t the Americans do as they wish, within reason?
In our nearly 30 years in The Alice we always found the Americans outgoing, friendly, community-minded, easy to get on with … and if some of them feel a bit more comfortable behind a fence at night I’m OK with that.
Remember, some of these people would have grown up in households where guns were on hand as a security blanket, something they have to do without in Australia.

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Interesting. Fresh eyes. Plenty of food for thought. Thanks Kieran (and Bobbie and Owen. Enjoy the ride to Uluru!)

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King Canute soldiering on!

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Great work again Kieran, thank you. Love Iain’s last work.

They must be joking!
Too funny that bunny.

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