I suppose that if this area of Ross Park is …

Comment on Eastsiders up in arms over Ross Park car park plans by Robin Hall.

I suppose that if this area of Ross Park is redeveloped as a carpark, it will allow the council to indulge in its favourite past time – that of chopping down trees! It would be a great shame if any of the trees in this area have to go to make way for cars. As this area is so congested pehaps it is time to look at relocating the netball courts to an area which would allow growth of the sport and safe parking for players and spectators.

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Engineers rule?
I am assuming that the proposed roundabout is to stop the potential of a vehicle crashing into the childcare fence. Recently I noticed a large 4WD vehicle stuck through the fence on the south east side of the roundabout on the Larapinta Drive – Milner Road intersection. The only property there not protected with a large ARMCO barrier. Why did the roundabout not protect this property from the vehicle? The council seems to be acting on flawed advice if it asserts that a roundabout will prevent such an accident. Additionally, the imposition of a reduced speed limit across the causeway in question is not necessary as the surface is so rough that it is impossible to achieve more that 40 kph anyway.

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