While living in Darwin many years ago, when the CLP …

Comment on Labor would spend as much on a third set of footy oval lights as it would on the rest of Alice by Leigh Childs.

While living in Darwin many years ago, when the CLP was in power and I was working as a volunteer for our kids’ local primary school, I remember all the angst of the “devolving power to parents and schools” policy and the closing of “uneconomic” schools right across the Territory. At Nightcliff Primay we had a frantic building program to house the influx of kids ousted from “uneconomic” Rapid Creek Primary School. At no point during the building and at the official opening of the new facilities did our local member, Steve Hatton, admit that all the funds came from the Commonwealth coffers. He always made it sound like his party had supplied the funds.
I just wish to make the point to some fanatical correspondents to this site, that ALL political parties play with “the facts”.
If you want your vote to count, vote for an Independent. Look how much power Nick Xenophon has and how much he has been able to achieve for his constituents.

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A worrying aspect is that the driver, and many others like him, clearly does not know the road laws.
Page 81 of the NT Road Users Handbook clearly states: “You must also give way to a pedestrian crossing the road at a slip lane if you are turning left at the slip lane.”

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So the authorities remain scared of you, Erwin. Strange, isn’t it …

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I recently climbed one of those gullies for the first time, wonderful, recommend it!

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Congratulations Steve you have become the town Nutter. I give you a capital letter this time.
Good grief, I find it so hard to believe that an adult can possibly sprout and spew the garbage and hatred that you do.

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Craig, I am quite willing to hear your long winded explanations.
Do tell … I am all ears.

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