May I suggest that the person employed by Council actually …

Comment on More events, more people = more business, safer streets by Leigh Childs.

May I suggest that the person employed by Council actually goes around the clubs and associations and meets with their committees to develop relationships with a view to a more coordinated and inclusive approach to public events. To have a person parked in an office somewhere, waiting for interested people to drop in or call or email won’t work. We are all busy and even with the best of intentions, people will very seldom make time in their day to seek out a Council worker. So please Councillors, consider a proactive approach to this important position.

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A worrying aspect is that the driver, and many others like him, clearly does not know the road laws.
Page 81 of the NT Road Users Handbook clearly states: “You must also give way to a pedestrian crossing the road at a slip lane if you are turning left at the slip lane.”

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So the authorities remain scared of you, Erwin. Strange, isn’t it …

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I recently climbed one of those gullies for the first time, wonderful, recommend it!

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Congratulations Steve you have become the town Nutter. I give you a capital letter this time.
Good grief, I find it so hard to believe that an adult can possibly sprout and spew the garbage and hatred that you do.

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Craig, I am quite willing to hear your long winded explanations.
Do tell … I am all ears.

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