I can agree with Dave (Dáithi Mac Rís) Price Jangala …

Comment on An open LETTER to young Paddy Gibson, Sydney academic and saviour of blackfellas. by Trisha Morton-Thomas.

I can agree with Dave (Dáithi Mac Rís) Price Jangala that, my grandmother Nungarrayi Bess Price and the other three Aboriginal CLP ministers have our people’s interests at heart. I can firmly believe that but that doesn’t mean that all the Aboriginal mob in their electorates agree with their political stance and as an Anmatjere woman who shares many of the blood and marriage ties as Nungarrayi, I know who I am also.
But I and many members of my family (as in the traditional Anmatjere context of kinship) disagree with the government in many instances where our people are concerned. Are we not entitled to our opinions either? I might not agree with some of Young Paddy Gibson’s (Jungarrayi) opinions or methods either but I do appreciate his opposition to the intervention and now the stronger futures legislation. Keep up the good work Paddy. If it were not the for young white men and women like you who supported and placed their lives on the line during the freedom rides and Aboriginal political movement of the 1960s, neither myself or any Aboriginal person would have the right to vote today, let alone sit in a ministerial position in any Australian parliament.

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