I would like to add some further information about Alice …

Comment on Alice asked to adopt ‘community water rules’ by Liz Locksley, Program Mgr Alice Water Smart H&B.

I would like to add some further information about Alice Water Smart, including why we need to save water, the project funding and some of the great achievements in water savings since it was launched in July 2011.
Alice Water Smart is a two year project that aims to preserve Alice Springs’ non-renewable groundwater source and secure the long term sustainability of the town. The article is correct in the aim of Alice Water Smart, which is to reduce water consumption by Alice Springs’ residents by 1,600 million litres per year – equivalent to two months average water supply.
The $15 million Alice Water Smart Plan includes home and business water consultations, an expanded rebate scheme, smart irrigation for parks and ovals, improved water management and increased recycling and installation of smart meters to allow homes and businesses to monitor water use.
Funding of $7.5 million is being provided by the Australian Government Water for the Future initiative, which was matched by Power and Water with contributions from consortium members.
In the last year, over 1000 million litres of water has been saved so far, the equivalent of 440 Olympic sized swimming pools. Water Efficiency Consultations in over 560 homes have identified 250 million litres of water savings and 1,500 Waterwise rebates have been used to improve home water efficiency, saving 40 million litres.
Through irrigation and plumbing upgrades, Alice Springs schools have achieved total water savings of 11 million litres – equivalent to the water capacity of four Alice Springs’ Leisure and Aquatic Centres. Power and Water have also been working to ensure the town’s water infrastructure is as leak-free as possible and recently used SmartBall technology to inspect 30 kilometers of critical water mains for leaks.
64 Alice Springs parks and ovals have had an irrigation makeover using smart irrigation technology which measures weather elements such as temperature and rainfall, and will save around 80 million litres per year.
20 tourist accommodation providers have had Water Efficiency Audits, with over 180 million litres of water savings (72 Olympic sized swimming pools) identified. A further 35 business or non residential properties are making use of free Water Efficiency Consultations and preparing Water Management Reports with over 213 million litres of water reductions identified.
Wastewater treatment facilities are being upgraded to provide higher quality recycled water to new users south of The Gap and the new Kilgariff subdivision will now use recycled water to irrigate ovals when ready.
Community Water Rules are just one of the many aspects of Alice Water Smart and they will help to make our non-renewable water supply last longer and make Alice water smart for the long term.

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