We already have several dams in the Todd – one …

Comment on LETTER: Should we dam the Todd? by Dan.

We already have several dams in the Todd – one at Schwartz Crescent, one on Undoolya Rd, Taffy Pick crossing, and immediately south of the Gap. Next time you drive across a causeway have a look at the levels of the river bed on either side of the road. I reckon if we lowered the causeways to the level of the riverbed on the south side, the river would push that sand out through the Gap and deepen the river naturally. A deeper river bed has got to be good for flood mitigation. Seems simple to me.

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Alice among nine cities on pilot academy shortlist
Maybe flights will be cheaper if we have learner drivers.

At last, public will get a say on Anzac Oval: Town Council
A very similar result to the government survey, Hal. 60%+ said not at Anzac to the government’s survey, too.

Martin Luther King III ‘disheartened’ by what he saw in Alice
Unfortunately there is very little respect for elders, full stop. Arrernte elders and leaders put a full page ad in the paper inviting people to this re conciliation event, saw no councillors or pollies there. Catherine Satour sent an apology, though.

Problem kids: The whole town must help
Hmmmmm, I think Steve’s idea could be useful depending on how it is implemented.
One thing I think is important is that the staffing should be heavily weighted with people from the demographic for whom it is intended to affect.
Poverty is one of the drivers of antisocial behaviour, more jobs for privileged whitefellas will not address that issue.

‘Government’s secret decision making’
So Mr Gunner is telling us there is no reason to vote for many of the Labor pollies as they won’t be allowed to represent us in important decision making in Parliament. What do we pay them for if they aren’t allowed to represent us?

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