Hal (Posted February 23, 2013 at 10:54 am): incidents like …

Comment on German Foreign Office says mobile homes should stay only in caravan parks with guards, warns of rapes, armed robberies in Alice Springs by Bob Durnan.

Hal (Posted February 23, 2013 at 10:54 am): incidents like these have been occurring occasionally over the last 40 years.
What should concern authorities and tourism investors is the coincidence of the Ellery incident, two probable murders on the edges of the town, the stabbings and threatened revival of payback feuds at Hidden Valley, and the general strife and drunkenness which required much police attention over the last two weeks (since the All Stars / Richmond game brought thousands of visitors into town, many of whom stayed on to holiday, party and wait for the West Coast / Port Adelaide game on the 9th March).
It has been obvious for decades that the combination of easily accessible, free flowing alcohol; access to welfare cash; and severe economic and social underdevelopment in the Aboriginal communities, are together conspiring to create a situation which is dangerous for Aboriginal citizens and settlers alike.
Wave after wave of elected officials and business leaders have stubbornly buried their heads in the sand about the situation, finding it easier to try short term fixes rather than co-operate with Aboriginal leadership and the health and education sectors to work through the hard slog of rectifying the dire conditions which are hindering mutual co-existence and economic progress.
Presumably many current settlers and their opinion leaders will go to their graves proud that despite all logic and sense, they never reneged on their determination to resist compromise: they are pleased to die with their IDs safely stuffed in their wallets, and never again be asked to produce them in a bottle-shop.
What heroes they are.

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German Foreign Office says mobile homes should stay only in caravan parks with guards, warns of rapes, armed robberies in Alice Springs
Janet (Posted February 26, 2013 at 3:17 pm): how come these uncouth and provocative personal attacks on Russell when you haven’t had a go at me for ages? I’m getting jealous!
By the way: the police and Licensing Commission have both provided confirmation for the extremely widespread belief that there were far, far less alcohol-related problems just before and after the Richmond vs Indigenous All Stars footy match on February 8th. That is, there was much less trouble on the days of extra alcohol restrictions and more thorough policing of the destination of alcohol leaving outlets.
There have been similar reports on the ABC radio, and in the Advocate.
Contacts at the hospital have also supported these viewpoints.
Now get on that keyboard, and have a good go!

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Conservative (posted May 1, 2019 at 9:19 am): what do you mean by ‘props to Erwin’? Stage ‘props’? It doesn’t make sense.

Road toll drops by half
Like InterestedDarwinObserver, I think Assistant Commissioner Beer’s claim is a somewhat questionable one.
Given that the majority of NT road deaths are normally the result of single vehicle roll-overs on remote roads, it is questionable whether more intensive traffic policing in Alice would necessarily produce this good result as claimed.
We would need a much bigger sample and more details of the individual accidents to really get an idea about what is actually going on here.

Massive horse deaths now a risk to humans
Hal, (Posted April 14, 2019 at 1:29 am): Don’t be so disingenuous. It is obvious from the article that CLC staff have been trying very hard to get permission to act.
They have now made their frustrations known to the relevant authorities, who are able to step in.
My point is that your criticism should have been aimed at those responsible (the traditional owners in question), not at the CLC as an organisation, as the staff are trying to do their job and get something done about the situation.
I was at both Mulga Bore and Angula a little over a week ago, and found very few people at Mulga, and none at Angula.
There were no dead horses that I saw, or smell of dead horses, around the houses then at either place, but there may have been some elsewhere. Of course the carcasses should be disposed of, wherever they are; that is what the writer and the CLC are trying to achieve.

Massive horse deaths now a risk to humans
Hal: How would the Land Council stand legally if it were to destroy the property of a set of traditional owners without their permission? The CLC does not own the horses.
They are either the property of individual traditional owners and traditional owner family groups, or of persons who have contracts with the TOs to allow their horses to be on the TOs’ land.
Or else they are the responsibility of the particular Land Trust trustees on whose land they are located.
Legally the CLC as a statutory body can only consult and advise the traditional owners, and act on their instructions. It cannot make decisions for them without their permission.

Billen’s family: Make telling hotel where you trek mandatory
Ruth Gibbins (Posted January 23, 2019 at 7:55 pm): Monika Billen was not at Trephina Gorge, the park reserve about 85 km east of Alice, where the German couple, the Thors, died from thirst or exposure 12 months ago.
Monika visited a different park reserve, Emily Gap, which is only about 10 km east of Alice. She seemingly walked there by herself on a very hot day, above 40 degrees centigrade.
Monika was apparently found under a tree in a rugged area, well away from the road, about three km back towards Alice from that small gorge.
So she died in the bush about seven km east of Alice, but in the bush, off the road.
There is no established walking track through the bush from Emily Gap to Alice.
Sadly, Monika had been missing for a week before anybody realised that she had not returned from her walk to and from Emily gap, along a non-designated route, in the extreme heat.

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