I think it’s worth remembering that this comes from the …

Comment on Federal media laws: Will we become a dictatorship? by Hal Duell.

I think it’s worth remembering that this comes from the same Senator Conroy who just recently gave up his plans to censor the Internet. He only gave them up when he finally realised the support was simply not there, not even within his own party.
This is also the same Senator Conroy who as Minister for Communications said during a visit to New York City that he has “unfettered legal power” over telecommunications regulation, including the ability to request Australian telcos to “wear red underpants on their head”.
The Coalition alternative for Minister for Communications is Malcolm Turnbull. Go figure.

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Federal media laws: Will we become a dictatorship?
Here’s a thought – If we get back to a system of Ministerial responsibility as opposed to the current practice of everything going thru the PMs, the Premiers, the Chief Ministers or, for that matter, the local council’s CEOs and Mayor’s office, wouldn’t that mean more access for journalists and more information being made available to the public?
Erwin’s latest comment on a reply from Minister Chandler speaks well about how the Giles government is starting. Please continue!

Federal media laws: Will we become a dictatorship?
I’ve been following this story in the national press, and it looks like the red underpants man might be heading for another cropper. Early days yet, but the signs so far give reason for optimism.

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Looks like Wazza’s back
Jacinta was always on a hiding to nothing. Her own perceived sense of entitlement didn’t help her cause, but she was up against Snowdon who arguably doesn’t do much between elections, but once every three years he does win elections, and he wins them well.
The question now is, will Jacinta return to Council?

NTG asks AAPA to consult with custodians on gallery & new site
There are a lot of empty shop fronts in Alice right now. Perhaps we could have a pop-up Council. That might work.

Megafauna museum: Locals outnumber tourists
Erwin, a minor point, but when these large birds were first discovered a few years ago, they were referred to in the local press as the Ducks of Doom. Much better than Big Bird.

Budget repair: Check out the cost of this load of rubbish
Thanks for the story, Erwin.
You’ve detailed a journey into the bureaucratic maze of “it’s not mine / I didn’t do it”.
Talk about kicking a can down the road!
I also like your suggestion that the NT government sack half its public servants and compel the remainder to do their jobs.
That’s another can ready to be kicked down the road.

Massive horse deaths now a risk to humans
Are you saying, Eugene’s mate, that the dead animals should be left as a community health hazard while CLC asks for someone’s permission to heap them up for burning or for burial?
Or perhaps that’s not CLC’s job or problem, but then it never is, is it?

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