This looks like a great proposal. Make sure that there …

Comment on $60m church, town council deal may make Alice buzz by Richard Bentley.

This looks like a great proposal. Make sure that there are plenty of bike parks, few or no car parks, solar panels on the roof and we should be pleased to welcome such a development. More effective at stimulating the town centre than turning a pedestrian space into a street.

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Flood report a trickle, not a banker
@ Tru But: I think you will find the causeway is a minor impediment and the major issue is the narrow Gap itself. If you wanted to reduce the risk you might widen the Gap by a 100 metres or so. I am sure that would be a popular move.
It would seem that the town was built in the wrong place so whatever you do will be expensive and possibly have limited effect.
Following the surveys it may be possible to identify a site for a retention basin which holds water back temporarily rather than building a dam. It would be equivalent to building another Gap above the town.
Maybe every home should have a life boat.

Gas, fracking: potential benefits to Aborigines enormous
@ Steve Brown: Calling persons apposed to fracking loonies does not add anything to your view point. I think both sides have good cases to make with no doubt if even half of the theorised potential was realised and prices stayed high then the NT and local landholders be they pastoralists or native title holders stand to benefit substantially.
However the gas is not going anywhere so I do not see what the urgency is. One report said this resource would last 200 years. If we damage water resources and then have to find a new resource anyway we have been short sighted.
The renewable resources are rapidly becoming competitive and likely within 10 years will make any decision now to exploit gas seem very short sighted.
Secondly mining and burning gas will add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and add to the global warming problem. This is something we should avoid at all cost.
A four year moratorium is a small price to pay. It should be 10.

Sick of the weather? Join the club.
Is it weather or is it climate? It is interesting that climate change predictions were for increasing droughts 10 years or so ago and now we seem to be getting more wild storms and heavy rain.
The reason being that the sea is warmer and hence moore evaporation and more moisture in the atmosphere. What is almost certain in Central Australia is that following rain will be fire and smoke.
And watch out for that piece of ice about to fall off Antarctica.

Climate change from an Alice perspective: Time to act.
You will know your arguments are cutting through when Centralian Petroleum invests in solar. The time is right for them to jump into the solar market.

More doubts on Gunner’s fracking policies
By the end of the moratorium period the march on renewable technologies will likely ensure that fracking is forgotten.
It is through the advance of science and technology that we will see solar and wind generation of electricity coupled with cheaper storage technologies drive the final nail into the coffin of the coal and gas industries.
Solar and wind power are currently able to generate electricity at prices competitive with carbon.
Recent reports have demonstrated that the government is not going to reap significant returns on our behalf for several decades if ever.
By then the environmental damage has been done, the companies have gone broke or moved on and the tax payer is left with the bill.

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