Wake up Alice. Not only is the cost of land …

Comment on $60m church, town council deal may make Alice buzz by Spot.

Wake up Alice. Not only is the cost of land at ridiculous levels, you have people putting building height restrictions that cause developers to build in other towns.
Now the town is full of undeveloped blocks that add to the dysfunctional CBD.
So get them to build, let them build because when you have a town not moving forward it only goes backwards, and Alice Springs doesn’t need that as well.
As for the height restrictions, stuff ’em. A building with a mobile phone transmitter on it looks better than a steel tower – and don’t they look higher than your three story limit anyway?

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$60m church, town council deal may make Alice buzz
Well, if its going to be like that Bob, here goes: Firstly, even you say that in some cases the four or five story limit would be OK.
You may have been able to help the – as you put it – half witted developer that knocked down the old Melanka building so they could have built what would have been a top class backpackers resort now.
And if you had a good look at the old building you would have know it was originally built as cheap as possible to put workers into, and in a almost disgusting condition with even sewage running down the halls at times.
As far as other blocks in the CBD, maybe if you went and stood in the middle of the old Melanka block and looked to west, you will see another empty block. Then look to the north, that’s towards the mall, were all the laid back aura can be found after dark on most nights of the week, or is that, as the story quotes, a sinister ghost town environment? You will see another empty block full of cars. Remember, this is also how the empty block at the old Shell servo site got turned into a car park; everyone parked there so much they turned it into a car park.
The site you are referring to is not the old Shell location but the old Mobil Palms, according to my research.
And according to the census 66% cent of the decision makers turn over in town, so I guess all everyone has to do is wait for those who are holding the town back to leave.

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Moss challenge: Find Centre alternative to barra
What about Lasseters golden trails?
It already has the mystery and gold fever to attract interest.
The story travels from Harts Range, Alice Springs, East and west MacDonnells, King’s Canyon and Uluru.
Some of the popular travellers are caravan and self drive rental cars. If they visit all locations could go into a draw to win.
Only private or rental regos eligible no corporations or government.
Sure a local business would do the draw nights.
Just some thing for those of us that can only catch fish in the frozen section.

Call for regional ministry in wake of police fiasco
MLA Scott McConnell: Great to hear a local voice behind local issues. It seems those on the Fifth Floor need to listen to those on the ground as it is where all the votes came from, after all.
As for the closure of the front counter in the police station it seems that the excuses of “there is a long and dragged out public consultation process to be completed” on most other issues of progress. It seems that is not the case with this one.
Until now the residents of Alice had a mantle of safety over the town, being able to find a police officer at each locations either side of the railway line which in the past had been a very vocal issue as well. Now to have the threat of front counter closed, our last resort of a secure and safe location for public to seek help.
Many may not use it to keep the statistics up to satisfy those that make these decisions but what price do you put on the life of that one person who may need it?
We all need to know that officer is there if we need him or her.
The call centre and response times of that system won’t replace what we have.
In regards to solutions to local issues, there should be a lot of local input.
For years we have had the endless stream of consultants and advisors who seem to ignore any local input and so the revolving door continues to roll.
With the creation of jobs for the young school leavers, maybe the students and the parents alike may have more motivation to send and keep the kids in school as there would be a purpose to it all.
With more work created in remote areas it may stem they flow of youth into the main town regions for no other reason except to alleviate the boredom of their home communities.
As it was mentioned work is what will change the world so why do we see a lack of support and assistance with attempts to help with this issue in many remote regions?
And not just welfare dependent and “not for profit systems” that continually come and go depending on the budget and support of the government of the week.
Regarding Indigenous tourism we have a great opportunity in this area, but we have had this for the past 30 years,and with examples of half hearted attempts this has not been achieved until a bit more controversy and a more than $350m investment in the resort at Uluru, but still with a very low local Anangu involvement due to the layers of bureaucratic inaction.
And yes, as mentioned, this is the game changer to ensure Indigenous land and labour are engaged in our economy. This seems to be often mentioned, but is a seldom achieved dream!
So please keep up the fight for more voices from the bush.

Town council should buy into big projects: Eli Melky
Are we all really so numb, complacent and in denial to all the issues that are present in Alice Springs for a councillor to make a statement that he can’t believe the safety visitors feel in other tourism locations?
This would indicate to me that he would focus on the local anti social issues more but it seems the concern of this only goes as far as committing every rate payer to the future prospect of increased rates to pay off commercial developments that should be done by developers.
How has the town managed to develop so far without this risk to all the ratepayers?
How did the town get developments like many tourism sites around town, the convention centre for one?
In regards to these developments, was the land of the Uniting Church gifted to people for use by the people? Shame on those trying to make a quick buck from it. This should stay an open common land area to be used by the people of Alice Springs as it was intended to be.
For this project to be put out as a drawcard for tourism into Alice Springs is a very worrying statement. Should we all not be concerned if this is how tourism is going to be stimulated in The Centre?
And for it to be put out as a saviour of the anti-social issue in the Mall, well now we should be really concerned. Don’t know we know this problem won’t be miraculously solved by putting more glass windows in the mall.
As for the Mayor not having made anything better, he has not made it worse as in the case of a few previous mayors.
Maybe if he didn’t have to waste time on issues that waste his time and had more support from other councillors he may be able to focus on progress more often.

Uber: Who will win?
Again we hear from those that travel to railway stations and say what a great idea for something in the Northern Territory, not knowing that we only have one or two trains a week. Everything is not the same as in the large bureaucratic power house city.
What the industry is up against is another multinational company that is manipulating the systems to suit themselves.
What will this change do to improve the transport in the Territory? Nothing that could not be archive by the operators already in the industry. The government is looking to sacrifice about $3.5m of revenue it receives from the taxis now as you must look at the possibility of operators ditching the current taxis and all taking up the alternative.
We still think self-regulation works. It doesn’t seem to as this is the main cause of all the negative comments on the industry at present.
Would all the current issues in regards to the present industry suddenly disappear with the introduction of this company? You would really be fooling yourself if you did as it would also develop the same faults.
Some solutions?
Could the taxi industry with support of government not develop a network or their own, running side by side with the communication network already in place, of ride sharing cars keeping the revenue in the Territory and the GST here as well?
Could the industry have better inspection procedures put in place to keep industry standards up to a public expected standard?
This also leads to the questions of what is going to be put in place to regulate the ride sharing cars and if one is going to be put in place. Why NOW?
Some questions: Will the ride sharing company be paying the GST in Australia in line with the new GST overseas transaction rules starting this year? If not what contribution to our economy will it be making?
The security of the cars should be looked at as with other drivers in the carriage of passengers. What legal repercussion is there for a car owner giving his car to friend to make a quick dollar on a night the owner can’t drive it?
Would he be unlicensed and uninsured as well?
What about in regards to airports and national parks as you could assume they will go there?
Do they have permits to operate commercially to these locations?
Bring on the spin doctors but looking forward to hearing back from those directly involved.

Alice draws short straw in Melbourne promotion
For all those that were more interested in the stuffed camels than the perceived message that some found in an event that is attempting and seems to be achieving success in attracting visitors to all parts of the Northern Territory.
Good on ya keep it up.
It is a great example of good promotion for Alice Springs camel cup and the camel industry in Central Australia as a whole.
For if you look a little closer you will see the camels are not poor they are very well cared for and obviously well trained And having been along to support the Alice camel cup I think both those camels have been racing in the local event.
So no poor stuffed camels were used to make this add I believe.
So please, all come along and support local events and see the difference between what is stuffed and what is not.

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