Wake up Alice. Not only is the cost of land …

Comment on $60m church, town council deal may make Alice buzz by Spot.

Wake up Alice. Not only is the cost of land at ridiculous levels, you have people putting building height restrictions that cause developers to build in other towns.
Now the town is full of undeveloped blocks that add to the dysfunctional CBD.
So get them to build, let them build because when you have a town not moving forward it only goes backwards, and Alice Springs doesn’t need that as well.
As for the height restrictions, stuff ’em. A building with a mobile phone transmitter on it looks better than a steel tower – and don’t they look higher than your three story limit anyway?

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$60m church, town council deal may make Alice buzz
Well, if its going to be like that Bob, here goes: Firstly, even you say that in some cases the four or five story limit would be OK.
You may have been able to help the – as you put it – half witted developer that knocked down the old Melanka building so they could have built what would have been a top class backpackers resort now.
And if you had a good look at the old building you would have know it was originally built as cheap as possible to put workers into, and in a almost disgusting condition with even sewage running down the halls at times.
As far as other blocks in the CBD, maybe if you went and stood in the middle of the old Melanka block and looked to west, you will see another empty block. Then look to the north, that’s towards the mall, were all the laid back aura can be found after dark on most nights of the week, or is that, as the story quotes, a sinister ghost town environment? You will see another empty block full of cars. Remember, this is also how the empty block at the old Shell servo site got turned into a car park; everyone parked there so much they turned it into a car park.
The site you are referring to is not the old Shell location but the old Mobil Palms, according to my research.
And according to the census 66% cent of the decision makers turn over in town, so I guess all everyone has to do is wait for those who are holding the town back to leave.

Recent Comments by Spot

Chansey Paech to Jacinta Price: ‘Finger pointing must stop’
When it comes to issues it can be endless on which one to talk about today.
But as it is said, start the day by making your bed.
Instead of perpetrating politics of personality and division, go on to say how the CDP Program is causing so much harm. It is forcing many people to relocate to urban centres.
How has this been determined? Wouldn’t a lot of urban drift be due to youth being bored and unemployed, adults on holidays either for something to do, have a social drink or visit family?
The one agenda of all those CLP colleagues have been very publicly advertised as supporters of indigenous self-determination, creating jobs and improving standards of living in remote areas.
Wouldn’t it be great to all get together where it started, at Uluru?
As “together” I refer to people that make a difference, not rooms full of bureaucrats on a talk fest.
You have challenged people to come to the Northern Territory. Make it happen.
Discuss the issues of unemployment, lack of motivation due to the bureaucracy stopping those that try.
I have contacts of Aboriginal businesses at Uluru that have been attempting to start working with Anangu youth for over three years. They would attend for sure.
Why is there discussion of housing, and why encourage building remote communities larger if they are only going to be filled with a welfare dependent society with an ever increasing bill for the taxpayer?
This is leading to the same if not larger issue than we have today.
So please don’t be silent or silenced.
RSVP, Jacinta Price, Scott McConnell, Chancey Paech, Andrea Mason, Warren Mundine, Adam Giles, Twiggy Forest and other Territory MLAs we don’t hear much of.

Ridesharing to start in February
Now with Uber being classified as a taxi company in the EU court would this be the same in Australia with our ride sharing companies being classified what they are as well, a taxi firm?

Hermannsburg historic precinct gets cash injection
This is great news to see such support of a long ongoing vision of the previous Giles government to increase the sealed access to the loop road to allow for the increase in visitors.
Now to get local tourism ventures and workforce engaged in this new opportunity.
And not just make it for interstate and international companies to move in.

Consultants with 40,000 years on the job
The skills of the tracker have not gone unnoticed. The ADF have a program called Tulugal
to train the military in tracking and bush survival technics. Tis is a great opportunity for these programs to be developed further throughout the Rerritory as different skills are needed in the different environments that are present in the NT.
A great avenue for a well respected job to encourage the younger generations to maintain the skills of their forebears.
Palya Jinampi.

National Indigenous gallery process hijacked?
Short memories. Art centers were built on the need to supply tourism. Art centers didn’t bring tourism and most likely won’t attract them in great numbers in the future.
Have we all forgotten the complaints of past years of the overbearing presence of galleries in the Mall? If you have look it up, there was a large number of them.
Now it seems the solution to the CBD dilemma is what? A larger art gallery and shop that would most likely be based on a major commercial presence to dwarf the smaller local shops and remote art businesses?
What has happened ever since the cultural centre idea is being pushed to the background?
This would attract visitors as other centres have done in the past and has numbers to show this.
Or is this project more about commercial control of the art industry than it is about tourism and revitalising?
Would removing all the open grassed areas in CBD that most social events utilise be in the best interest of all?

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