The article states the 75 people will be employed bringing …

Comment on Hardware giant gives vote of faith in Alice by Leigh Childs.

The article states the 75 people will be employed bringing in 3 million. Could some one do the maths please? So when the two existing hardware stores close how many staff will lose their jobs at what dollar cost to the town? Just asking.

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Bush community learning centre to close
Can’t CLC put some money and resources into this? On a Q and A episode a while back, a CLC employee, a lady whose name I can’t remember, stated the CLC spends “millions” a year on education.

Community solar: the devil is in the wires
Steve did you read in a recent Guardian newspaper article that the German government is asking its population to use MORE electricity as their renewables are producing too much electricity?

Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit
Erwin, I would like to know the opinions of the parents of these young people. From what I saw and experienced in 30 years in Alice is that indigenous parents love their children dearly, BUT, seem to have no ‘control’ over them. A different paradigm from the western/European model, where there are quite a few behaviours set out for young people to follow. This being reinforced in our western/European style schools.

Gas, fracking: potential benefits to Aborigines enormous
Short term monetary gain … amount is tempting but irrelevant, versus total and permanent destruction to water supplies and negative effects to land. A no brainer really.

Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality
Jacinta, does this mean that basically Aborigonal culture, as expressed in pre white times, is now broken.
That, by default, too much power has devolved to the men.
And with alcohol in the mix, there is no way back to the balance; referring to the payback system coming from the abused woman’s family members.
I ask this respectfully, as I can see no solution.
Jacinta, is there a solution?

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