Thank you for your thought Alex. On another matter: Whose …

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Thank you for your thought Alex. On another matter: Whose idea was it to put the painted (?) red bark / mulch in the landscaped areas of Todd Street / Mall? Was that in the design brief? Wasn’t the river sand good enough? The mural on the ANZ car park wall is a bit trippy as well.

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Distinction of design reflecting a sense of place
Splendid building indeed – a “rose” among “thorns”. In my view, there is no disputing it looks good / is designed well and is setting a benchmark that hopefully other CBD land owners will follow … but, nearly one year (?) after it was built, why is this landmark building still empty? Is there a tenant paying rent on the empty building? Meanwhile, the architecture / ambience of Helm House, Anangu House, Centrelink and the Westpoint buildings is attractive enough to be fully tenanted?

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Planning another plan
Also, this Planning Scheme Amendment application is currently on public exhibition.

Unfolding story: Kids race ute through town
Was this one of the cars stolen from Congress? Why is there no police media release about this?

CBD planning: The vibrants are at it again
Out for consultation at the moment are:
• NT Planning Commission’s Central Alice Springs Area Plan.
• A discussion paper on NT Planning System Reform.
• A discussion paper on Planning for a Vibrant Future.

No Brainer # 3: Stott Terrace renameded? Tourists in swags. Playing chicken with cars.
Gerard Kuyer Bridge (along South Terrace) was officially named / gazetted in 2016. there was a bit of media (Centralian Advocate) about it at the time.

Middle School ‘monstrosity’ to stay: Minister
My recollection is that the shade structure over the basketball courts was built around the time of the economic stimulus package 2010/2011 (Building the Education Revolution).
All around Australian there is a legacy of these sorts of projects being rushed through. Keeps the builders in business.

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