A couple of simple questions. Do (some at least) landowners have …

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A couple of simple questions.
Do (some at least) landowners have no trespassing signs? Would they try to enforce that message or is it OK to ignore the sign and set up camp?
The land that was available for sale was originally made available by the Crown, who did the Crown purchase it from? Do they have a bill of sale?
The really tricky question is when does the past become too far back in time for it to be relevant today?
I would really like an answer to that question. Is it one day, a week, a year? What I mean is, if I steal something from you today, and I still have it tomorrow, does that mean its fair, that its mine now?
After all its in the past now. Time for you to get over it. Personally, after all the hard work I do trying to pay my mortgage, I would be very upset if someone came along and said sorry piss off that’s mine now.
Can anyone answer these questions for me?
Also I think looking back over the past is a good idea, it allows you to see some of the mistakes that we all inevitably make, we can take action to correct those mistakes or at least learn from them and start to build a stronger more equitable future.
We won’t learn anything if we take no time to look back over our actions, review them, recognise and accept our mistakes and look for ways to do things better.
I think today, the world we live in, our society and its wealth and also many of its social problems are a product of the past.
I don’t think they just miraculously appeared here this morning.

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Where to now for council and Stuart statue?
Often I think that when people respond to a discussion with abuse and anger, when they can’t respond in a respectful manner, it is because they are feeling shamed or guilty, or actually identify with the argument but don’t want to admit it.
I think particularly landowners fit this scenario. I’ve seen the no trespassing signs. I expect they are prepared to back those signs up with whatever means are at their disposal.
Should someone come along with more firepower, and force them off that piece of country, I know that they would feel pretty much the same as the old people did when this happened to them.
Their children would probably carry that pain and anger too. So really we are all on the same page, we all bleed red.
It’s heartening to know this really, and I have empathy for them, I understand the fear and worry they may have.

Where to now for council and Stuart statue?
Blah, blah, blah. Each of us has the right to free speech, and people who wish to live in and help make a democracy work, will respect that and listen carefully to the views of others. Try to understand those views and look for a way to work together.
To disrespect and disregard or not consider the views of others is not the way to build a healthy and successful democracy. We have to share our future and to do that, I believe we have to share our past.
We need to look carefully at our history, from all angles. The colonisation of Central Australia brought a lot of good but also a lot of pain to the people who once owned this country.
If we want to walk together and build a strong and healthy future for all the community, we need to respect the feelings and viewpoints of all in that community. People need to be able to feel safe about expressing their viewpoint and be able to discuss it in a calm, respectful and honest manner.

Where to now for council and Stuart statue?
Get over it some people say, tell the whingers where to go say others. Clearly people feel threatened by the fact that indigenous people have feelings, and feel,justifiably, that they have been wronged. There’s also a lot said about education being the solution to all the problems. well maybe it is, but its not just indigenous kids that need an education, perhaps some whitefellas might want to open their eyes and learn something.
We could learn a lot from the Turks perhaps. About a hundred years ago they kicked our arse as we were trying to land at gallipoli. We haven’t gotten over it yet, every year we all wake up early and get involved in all sorts of activities all over the country,remembering those terrible times. Do the Turks tell us to get over it? Do they stand at the top of the ridges around Gallipoli and abuse us, call us losers etc? No. In fact they have allowed us to build a memorial on their land, they respect the feelings we have for our dead, they welcome us into their country with respect and allow us to grieve and remember and celebrate our ancestors who fought and died and tried to kill the turks.
Get over it white australia.
For new australians, australia day commemorates the arrival of the british to this island. to blackfellas it was the start of the struggle against an invader that stole all the land and did not respect us as people until 1967, stole the land treated indigenous people as less than citizens, stole the children, no one can deny that massacres occurred. For blackfellas australia day is a bit like the turks celebrating “we kicked your arse day”. All us whiteys would really cope with that well, imagine if they said sorry none of that carry on at anzac cove any more. pull that memorial down. GET OVER IT?
Some say it could have been worse, what if someone else had discovered the country. The indonesians discovered australia long before captain cook, and they engaged in peaceful trade for many years. So i guess it could have been better too. How bad does it have to get before blackfellas are allowed to feel bad about it? “hey get over it, all we did was steal your land, kill your people, took your children, raped your women, thats alright isn’t it, hey if we didn’t do it someone else might have. you should feel happy that it was us nice people that completely trashed your lives and committed all these atrocities against your relatives.
Get over it.
Wake up people. Take off that white blindfold. Face the facts and accept the truth, learn about respect, then perhaps we will all be able to get over it and move forward together.


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