I hope this is the start of renewal for the …

Comment on Yipirinya School principal locked out by Kngarai.

I hope this is the start of renewal for the school which has lost its vision, over the last few years, through the lack of quality educational leadership.
It once was a school that was exemplary in its education of Aboriginal students by fostering literacy and numeracy in both local Aboriginal languages and in English – true two way learning.
When I worked there I was amazed at the quality educational resources that had been developed for teaching Aboriginal language and culture but over the last 10 years or so this leadership in Aboriginal education has languished under the current leadership.
I encourage the council to seek a new Principal who will again foster exemplary Aboriginal education.

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Bush jobs for dole: 26 weeks, 25 hours per week
It is great that the government is encouraging unemployed people to develop a work ethic by doing things to support their communities whilst on the dole.
But this program needs to be implemented across Australia – for all unemployed people.
Many communities across Australia have the problem of inter generational unemployment and poor education outcomes.
Many communities have low job vacancies, especially for low or unskilled workers.
Many communities have people satisfied with living on “sit down money”.
We as a society have failed them all, including our remote Aboriginal communities.
We need to support them in re-engaging with society and making a contribution to the development of their communities.
The Community Development and Employment program strived to do that. It is sad though that programs that were beginning to work well by engaging unemployed people in meaningful tasks, setting up job enterprises, inspiring people to make decisions about making improvements for their communities, and developing the literacy, communication and numeracy skills of participants to achieve this was scrapped I favour of RJCP.
Sadly though, many highly skilled trainers who had developed deep knowledge of their local Aboriginal communities and developed positive working relationships with their unemployed clients were no longer “required” in the cost cutting RJCP environment.
The government needs to acknowledge that many unemployed people will never achieve full time employment due to lack of suitable jobs and poor education. (If all the unemployed people moved into their regional centres seeking work, the unemployment problem would still be there and social problems would be increased.
Unemployment Programs need to
• be run across Australia.
• run longer than a few years to be able to make generational change.
• focus on unemployed people’s and their community’s aspirations.
• ensure that educational deficits of communicating in both English and Community languages are remediated by giving training in literacy and numeracy in English and home language.
• recognise that many of our school leavers, leave school without functional literacy and numeracy skills and therefore need to run until our education system gets their act together.
• be funded properly and monitored carefully to ensure that this increment is not wasted, as happened in many CDEP programs.
• maintain data on the effectiveness of successfully engaging unemployed people and their growth along the literacy and numeracy skills continuum.
And to achieve this these programs need to employ skilled professionals. It is my experience that many of the job training organisations lack skilled professional and visionary leadership and fail to direct resources into employing even better skilled trainers.

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