Agree completely Phil Walcott. That is the what I’m hearing …

Comment on Alice CLP branch solidly behind Giles government by Sean.

Agree completely Phil Walcott. That is the what I’m hearing from everyone coming into my shop.

Recent Comments by Sean

No room on plane for local Member
Yet another fine Adam Giles moment. More interestingly, find out who else was on the plane. Word is, he was offering to anyone in CLP “in case” something came of this. Alison Anderson was wrong – he’s a shame job to little boys!

14th reshuffle: Tollner back in ‘nest of vipers’
What’s with Labor letters to this site all the time?
How about releasing some real policy issues, solutions. There’s a smorgasbord on offer with the current hideous government.
Maybe then we, the public, will take some notice.
I know I’m looking for options as are plenty I continue to talk to.
If not Labor, then Independents.
If I cop the same Braitling Labor option as last election, it will definitely be independent for me.

Cabinet: Bess Price gains housing, Tollner back
Whatever. Just a casualty of her own doing in the train wreck to come!

Conlan resigns from the front bench
I’m actually surprised at Matt’s actions. That said, I completely understand why the CLP brand is now terminal.
Well done in having the foresight in seeing this, Matt, and putting your family and electorate first now.
Whilst my vote has always been for CLP in the past, it won’t be whenever the election is.
While the ideal of Labor isn’t thrilling – I’ll do it without hesitation because of my so-called member.
Unless a decent independent comes to light?
I have lived in the same electorate for many years. I haven’t been door knocked for nearly seven! I live in Braitling.
While it will give me absolute pleasure to vote against Giles, I’d actually prefer to be in Robyn Lambley’s electorate to reward her decent, moralistic stand of late. Salute to you Robyn, hold you head high, woman!

Opposition calls for general election
It will come Delia. Question is, are you actually ready with decent Central Australian candidates? If you’re going to run the usual suspects, you’re wasting your time.
It looks like maybe Independents are the new thing for us, especially if Robyn Lambley goes that way.
Hopefully she will show Adam he’s not who he thinks he is – at all.
One would have thought you have Chancey Peach ready to go in Grateorex. Lost opportunity if not.

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