The cuts need to be done. At the moment the …

Comment on Funding cuts hurt Alice: Chamber of Commerce survey by Fred.

The cuts need to be done. At the moment the government is borrowing one hundred million a day to pay interest bill.
The books need to be balanced. What has been achieved by some of these programs?
The town is going backwards due to a lot of migrants sending large amounts of money home, hence draining the town dry.
[ED – According to Australian Debt Clock, Australia’s interest payments amount to $14.2 billion per year, $38.9 million per day, $451 per second. The debt per citizen is $16,934. Australia’s debt is 23% of its Gross Domestic Product.]

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Funding cuts hurt Alice: Chamber of Commerce survey
Federal money or social security money has to stop. It is a temporary measure, not a way of life.

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Once again, why are the tax payers funding this? If the Indigenous councils have pride in their people, why are they not funding these projects?
When these people return, would they then be fit and well to say I can now work for a living?
There is plenty of work out there for them. Tidying their own communities would be a start.

Nearly all stage one blocks sold in Kilgariff
I would like someone to tell me what Adam Giles has done for Alice Springs … it will be a very short story.

Parks authority controls people, not weeds
Not much to see. Just a bit of scrub.

Thoughts on war and peace from a cyclist in Alice
And what about the struggling farmers? One suicide every week due to low commodities prices as supermarkets are making profits at farmers’ expense.

Tourism: let the battle for the big spenders begin
With tourism you need to lift your game. I have been around the national parks and facilities. They are poor. Go to Victoria and you will see good facilities. As for service in Alice Springs it is poor. The other night the wife and I went out for a drink. The bar staff could not even open a stubbie without it all going down my shirt front. So we decided to go to Lasseters and it took bar staff two stubies to get a glass of half flat beer. I would say poor is not the word.

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