No holds barred advocacy? Alice Springs is in the worst …

Comment on CLP pre-selects Steve Brown for Araluen by Melanie Ross.

No holds barred advocacy?
Alice Springs is in the worst economic downturn for decades, businesses closing down, millions of dollars ripped out of youth services, house values down (might be good news for people like Mr Brown but not for families with their home as their major investment), changes to the first home owners scheme trashing the real estate market, jobs for mates … I don’t want to go on, too depressing.
Mr Brown, you live in lalaland. Quit the tired old blame game, recognise the challenges we have and come up with something positive.
I hope the people of Araluen see your divisive brand of politics for what it is and stick with Robyn.
She at least has proven she has the wider interests of the town at heart.

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CLP pre-selects Steve Brown for Araluen
Janet takes a very Stalinist approach with her historical revisionism.
Fact: For the 10 years prior to 2001 under the Brown’s beloved CLP there was no residential subdivision development. The CLP stifled our growth because they refused to negotiate with native title holders. Something the ALP did do successfully in Larapinta and Mt. Johns. And of course Kilgariff was started under the ALP Govt and reduced under the CLP.
Business in Alice has never been as bad as its been under the CLP. I can only assume Janet doesn’t take a stroll down the Mall or around the CBD to see all the empty shops. Or maybe she avoids the CBD because she’s too scared of running into a woman in a headscarf.
Rewriting history and refusing to acknowledge past mistakes isn’t a good foundation for building a future. But I guess that’s not the Brown way.

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Diversity loses in ballot for Deputy Mayor
The Alice Springs Town Council is just become a defacto branch of the CLP.
The CLP bloc just vote how they are told.
What a disappointment you are Jactina Price, I expected more from a strong woman who I thought could make up her own mind and not just follow along your party line.

As DD looms: Where Is Wazza?
Just because they aren’t talking to you Erwin doesn’t mean they aren’t talking to people in their electorate.
I’ve spoken to Wazza many times … often to argue with him.

Town Council in time warp on nuke waste
@ Steve Brown: Not envious of you at all. A bit of pity that your boss has dumped you in it over your Opposition to his Aboriginal Affairs strategy maybe.
A bit sorry for you when your boss Adam Giles said you were xenophobic. One of the few times I agreed with him.

Town Council in time warp on nuke waste
@Hal Duell I suggest you take a look at the new electoral boundaries. Namatjira will take in the Alice Springs rural area. To suggest that “Paech has gone of town” is totally incorrect.
Everything I have ever seen and heard from Chansey Paech indicates he’s a man who is passionate about his home town, where his family have lived for generations. Namatjira it’s true takes in a large chunk of the southern part of Central Australia – of which Alice Springs is the major service centre.
To contrast, when Steve Brown talks up its usually in self interest, either as a builder or a land developer.
Perhaps you should stop interpreting others dreams and stick to your own fantasies Hal.

Town Council in time warp on nuke waste
Thanks for the clarification Kieran. I have to admit I forgot to say I did see Eli at the town meeting, so apologies for that. And interesting to know Mr Brown and Mr deBrenni there but didn’t seem to hear a thing local people were saying.

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