Hi all, @ Erwin sure, roving mic talk-fests can be good …

Comment on Pine Gap: Snowden and Snowdon by Dangermuse.

Hi all,

@ Erwin sure, roving mic talk-fests can be good but I don’t know that would have been the best use of the time when people were already restless after a feature length film.
@ Jonathan Pilbrow. I for one greatly valued your contribution as a panel member to this event.
Community organising (i.e ACTION not talk!) is an underappreciated role, but time and time again it is demonstrated to be the key way for civil society to keep behemoth powers (and tinpot regimes for that matter) in check.
Thank goodness we live in a country where we are able put the spheres of power in perspective and respond accordingly!
I look forward to the public awareness raising events and community discussions that will focus on Pine Gap later this year.
@ Erwin, your concerns regarding corruption and abysmal NT governance are valid and shared by many.
However, it is estimated that close to 100-200 deaths per week occur are executed with the press of an enter key as the result of the activities in Pine Gap.
This happens just 20 kms from where we live and sleep. I am told there is no pause button for Sunday or holy days.
The total percentage of innocent lives lost is unknown but it is worth mentioning nonetheless.
Lest we forget.

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