Maybe the CAAAPU Board should publish the background, experience and …

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Maybe the CAAAPU Board should publish the background, experience and qualifications of Ms Reynolds and explain how she occupies a senior executive position in an NGO.
Does nothing for me and will do even far less for the clients that CAAAPU is supposed to provide services for.
Absolutely amazing is all I can say.

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Scullion to spend $40m to find out what $1b achieved
Seems Nigel needs to come clean: $40m to his buddy Forrest with no questions asked or outcomes required. $5m to an Order of Australia recipient for training Aboriginals with no requirement for outcome.
Stripping of funding from Aboriginal organistaions to give it to his CLP buddies in the Territory, services no longer being delivered or very poorly delivered but again no requirments to perform.
Amazing, all one needs to do is look very closely and one will see where taxpayers’ money has gone.
And by the way, not all Aboriginal communities receive royalties and the ones that do have money going into funds for the benefit of all Aboriginal people.
Looks like Scullion andCco have taught Trump how to come up with fake news to hide the real truth.
[ED – We are inviting comment from Senator Scullion.]

Aboriginals Benefit Account: ‘Libs have runs on board’
Nigel, no-one is fooled by your CLP lies … this is not about Labor or CLP but Aboriginal people, and you have been trying very hard to take the money away from Aboriginal people and give it to you CLP cronies.
I agree with Marianne’s comments. [You cannot] fool the public. FOIs will most certainly show how many applications for funding from your buddies has landed on the desk of the ABA since you lot have been in power.
Interesting how when ever you get cornered you revert to the old “but I am just a busted arse fisherman”.
Heaven help us if you manage to get back into power.

1Territory president to contest Lingiari
Braedon, how about you let the voters know where your preferences are going to be directed and how 1Territory has been setup by the CLP to capture the disillusioned CLP Voters disenchanted by the current losers in government.
This is a variation of a political party running an independent candidate against its own party candidate … an oldie but a goodie.
Try selling used cars Braedon, you would probably do far better at that than trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Chamber says ‘no’ to race based tender rules
Amazing comment by the Chamber. We are talking about 40% Aboriginal employment targets in companies tendering not asking for projects to be handed over to “race based” organisations.
Interesting how many “local” companies have been happy over the years to get fat on the black dollar but are now squealing when being asked to provide employment and training opportunities for Aboriginal people to break the poverty cycle.
Here’s a new idea for you: Maybe companies can develop partnerships with local Aboriginal organisations in order to help everyone out.
If you can’t do that then get out of the Territory and I would suggest that the Chamber talk facts not crap.

Giles dumping terrible mistake – Alice Springs CLP
What a joke … Westra van Holthe and Elferink have about as much voter appeal as a cat crap laying on the dining room table … the cat crap has far greater value.

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