I know that businesses will miss out on tourist dollars …

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I know that businesses will miss out on tourist dollars if Blatherskite Park (or the equivalent) is not reinstated.
Because I, along with many others fellow travelers, find that local caravan parks are charging for services that we only require occasionally.
We want freedom of choice.
In all States (except for NT), there are what are called “Dollar Wise” caravan parks, an incentive driven by CMCA, where caravan parks provide an area an for no more than $10 a night.
These sites may or may not have services, as agreed to by the managers of participating parks.
It is a Win/Win/Win situation for caravan parks / tourists / businesses. Why not try it? You have much to gain.

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Caravan park row: Goose and gander?
Dave says: “Any camping etc. that is not in a regulated caravan park is basically subsidised by the ratepayers and citizens of the area. It costs to have free camping and cheap camping. Rubbish, water, toilet facilities.”
Well Dave, Blathescite Park is still there, and NOT being subsidised by the “would be” travellers, which would ease financial pressures on Government.
Personally, I think the sentence should end after the word rubbish.
PS.: A friend has just traveled through Alice, and refused to pay the $37+ for one night, camping elsewhere, and then traveling on.
He only stays in caravan parks as a last resort. He prefers more open spaces.

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RV travellers urged to boycott Alice
But Chris, I don’t like paying for things I don’t want. I stay in caravan parks about one in three nights. I prefer showgrounds and the like.
The maximum I will pay for a CP is $35 per night, as anything over that I regard as excessive. $39 for unpowered site is way over the top.
Blatherskite Park was meeting a need, and by meeting that need, the income was being put back into the park, not into someone’s pocket.

RV travellers urged to boycott Alice
Well said Jaap Vogel.

RV travellers urged to boycott Alice
@ Morgan: Big4, $39 per night unpowered. I stopped there last time, but never again.
Grey Nomads still have to eat, drink, fill their vehicles with fuel, pay to enter tourist attractions, etc.
The longer you can keep them there, the more the town prospers. Expensive caravan parks are not the answer. Freedom of choice is the answer.
$298 a night at the river? Please explain!

RV travellers urged to boycott Alice
Local businesses, don’t let the caravan park lobby turn away your customers. Fight back, stand up for yourselves. Get your share of the tourism dollar.

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