It’s been cloudy for most of June. Solar needs sun. …

Comment on Making Alice all solar would raise costs 300%: Giles by Jim.

It’s been cloudy for most of June. Solar needs sun.
I love to live in a modern house with products that use a lot of power such as aircon and a second fridge.
I don’t need other people to dictate how much I use. If you want a solar powered house all good, but then cut your self from the grid.
And please stop pushing your choices of life style down my throat. Remember, being a green is a minority.

Recent Comments by Jim

$16,000 sacred tree certificate
Well, a lot of interstate developers have given alice a miss as it is just too hard.
Our new government are too interested in Darwin spending not helping to develop and move Alice forward. Were is local Labour hiding.

Gunner’s 100 days message is focussed on Darwin
So all you key board warriors, you got rid of Adam. I hope you’re happy with the union stooge we have now. Alice who?
Back to the good old days and we deserve every thing we get. I didn’t vote Labour.

Pine Gap demonstrators provide real time images
Jacob bet you work in the public service, mate. Get the hint go back to were you come from.

Gunner ‘backflipped’ on fracking moratorium
Ha ha. How are the preferences going now?

We need to bring trust back to government: Dale Wakefield
Well done Dale. Be great if you now tell us how you are going to put Alice Springs first and help small businesses to keep their heads above water.
We dont need to hear more about fracking, speed limits and the old chief minister. Tourism, construction and reasons to keep people in Alice. Not just public servants in the service industry.

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