Just a little amused at a few things with this …

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Just a little amused at a few things with this story.
Toby Price has never won the Paris to Dakar….. He won the “Dakar” race…. it hasn’t been run from Paris in years. It’s in South America now, but still called Dakar so everyone knows which race it is. Was our mayor not aware of this?
Also, I think the Chinese “brought a car”, probably after they “bought” it?
I think also the Chev engine might be a six litre, not a 6 “liter”. We are in Australia right?
Normally the grammar is pretty alright here …
[ED – Thanks SpellChecker, the Mayor got it right, I got it wrong. Sorry! We changed the text accordingly. I think the liter – litre argument is going to go on for a while. We use both version.
The Mayor did say “bought” – correctly – and the story adds some detail to that.]

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Kids crisis: Town board to keep check on govt. agencies?
When can we [do with] these “parents” who do not contribute to society, who are breeding without wanting these kids that they accidentally conceive and leave us to look after and fund for their entire life?
All damage included.
Life is just too easy and when everything is paid for by the gubbernment no matter how many kids you have, health and housing and income is not a problem.
Too bad if you had a job and had to look after your own kids, self fund and pay taxes … that would be awful right? Just sayin.

Spot the difference
Well I (a born and bred local) really hope this development goes ahead. As a longer term local than a lot of the haters, I might even invest in one of the units when they go up for sale.
As for Alexis’s comment, I was pretty sure that the child care part of this was to be built on the vacant lot on Hartley Street, across the laneway behind where Melanka used to be.
I know that when I want to look at the ranges, I don’t go into the CBD to do it. You need a vantage point to get above the tree-line for a view for a start, or to stand in the middle of a road. Hmm, I might even go to the rooftop bar to relax with a beer and indulge in the view from up there!
So many negative narrow minded people who think (wish) they own the entire town and that everything in it should be done to suit them and not the investors.
The sacred trees are a load of rubbish. So many sacred trees in the town of Alice, but you go 30km in any direction where people aren’t able to build houses and there are no trees that anyone cares about.
Sacred trees are all about a few certain people trying to make their presence felt and to keep themselves in a job … scratch that … they are trying to keep themselves “employed”.
So much BS in this town with too many narrow minded do-gooders.

‘Revitalised’ mall gets big tick from NT Architecture Awards
The quirky people who hand out the awards must be as blind and eccentric as the people who did the design of the mall.
It’s all about getting awards and big noting yourself as an architect and not designing something that is attractive or practical to the town or its people.
What a total waste of money.
Perhaps awards should ONLY go to designs that work and make a GOOD difference which are a delight to the community?
Some architects wouldn’t get many awards. I don’t think I’ve heard one good thing about the northern end of the mall thus far.

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