I would have to say that except for the static …

Comment on Festival in Light ignores local advice, talent by Andrew Crouch.

I would have to say that except for the static displays, Parrtjima was a disappointment.
The light show on and about the range was about as artistically creative as a fireworks display.
Is this really what tourists come to Alice Springs to see?
Quite apart from the issues around authenticity and sensitivity to wildlife, it was not the kind of high quality production that I would associate with the Desert Park, nor for that matter the town.

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Visitor from afar to Alex’s backyard
Hi All,
The Pheasant Coucal in breeding plumage has a black body but retains its mottled brown plumage on the wings and back.
If John’s bird was black all over, it could have been a male Koel, a bird of similar appearance to a Coucal though a size smaller.
Koels are also very occasional visitors to Alice from the north.

Visitor from afar to Alex’s backyard
Nice work Alex. They have been reported only about once a year from Alice Springs, so certainly quite unusual.

Billen’s family: Make telling hotel where you trek mandatory
Accommodation houses and other tourism focussed organisations could readily be encouraged to direct prospective hikers to an Alice Springs business that hires and sells portable locator devices and is experienced in explaining their functions and value. The onus is then with the hiker where the responsibility for their own safety ultimately resides.

Bilby’s greater foe: Cat or fox?
Peter: Thanks for the report, and a very constructive program of research.

‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans
I can’t help thinking that the development process being followed for the National Indigenous Art Gallery is misguided.
Let me first state that I firmly believe that Alice Springs is the right choice for the home of a truly national gallery.
However, as is becoming very apparent, the primary project driver is the re-vitalisation of the north end of the CBD – creating a wide base of support from the whole local community from which to build momentum around the country for a national project is currently running a very poor second. As I asked in my submission to the online survey and in comment to Alice Springs News: What is the government’s vision for the gallery itself in the context of the town culture and geography, and the desires of the local Indigenous people, other town residents, and visitors?
The News report on last week’s meeting with Michael Tennant seemed to indicate that the vision, if it has been articulated at all, is too narrow.
I’m not even confident that the re-vitalisation agenda can be fully met if the whole area around Anzac Hill is not considered. People standing on Anzac Hill may look down on one side at yet another bunch of new buildings (don’t neglect to consider what it will look like from above) where once was the greenest space in town, and on the other the great eyesore of the long-derelict fuel depot.
A broader vision is needed. At the moment Alice Springs is being driven by a narrow perspective from a thousand miles away.

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