So great to see the positive policy of this new …

Comment on Demand for middle-range homes grows three-fold: agent. by Phil Walcott.

So great to see the positive policy of this new government is helping to turn around the devastating one of its predecessor.
The need for greed policies of the former NT Government only achieved a reduction of people’s lifestyle options and fed the players in charge already fattened bank accounts.
So glad the good people around Central Australia and the NT generally saw them for what they were and unceremoniously threw them out of office. They reaped what they sewed.
We have a brighter present and future now. Affordable and relevant housing / accommodation is basic and imperative to living well.

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Alice lesbian couple exercise their right to wed
Sincere congratulations to two very inspiring women. Thanks for the threads of ‘being’ you weave through the rich fabric that is our Alice Springs community.

Your significant contributions to both your public and professional lives is much honoured and respected.

Love well and long…

Phil XX

Leaving town: Centre, its creatures will miss Kaye Kessing
Such a tremendous thread in the rich fabric of our social tapestry.
Kaye has given so much with regard to her generous contributions to many of Alice’s people and organisations.
Her sensational talent with creating visual masterpieces is inter-generational.
Her bilby book trilogy is simply sensational and her many works that adorn various canvases around town are a remarkable testament to her creativity and passion for Central Australia.
Wishing you and Eleanor a most wonderful future together, Kaye, continuing to create physical and emotional artworks in the name of our first love … humanity. Journey well.

Student boarding funding restored – for now
Great outcome … as it needed to be.

She lived where life is what you make it
Lovely tribute to a wonderful woman who led an amazing life. Legacies matter.

The turning point: Marshall Perron’s rise to power
That’s great, Alex.
I always enjoy your historical perspectives especially around NT political history.
Your contributions to the National Trust and Heritage Council are also very welcomed.
Looking forward to your next instalment.

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