The Council is to be commended for its efforts in …

Comment on $10m for town highway, will dog eat dog, bush bands bloom by Alex Hope.

The Council is to be commended for its efforts in reducing its power bills by generating solar electricity. The concept of generating solar power from a shaded car park is great, as it not only makes for more contented motorists, but also reduces the heat stored in the bitumen, and hence the air temperature in the town centre.
However, the basic problem in the town council car park is that the shade structure is built north-south.
If it were aligned east-west and the ends blocked in, then the amount of sunlight hitting the cars would be greatly diminished.
Any building in Central Australia which does not have its long axis east-west will pay a large penalty over the years in cooling and heating costs.
It is mad that the building code does not take this into account.

Recent Comments by Alex Hope

Aboriginal gallery: rushed business case yet immediate start?
As they say in Ulster when words fail them: Och and a dear and a dear and a dear and a dear and a dear!

Former gallery advisor scathing about its planners
Thanks for this piece which confirms from an authoritative point of view much of what has been said on these pages already, and unerlines the fundamental point that a gallery purporting to be a NATIONAL and ABORIGINAL institution needs a consensus from BOTH local and nationally representative Aboriginal people and organisations otherwise it is likely to be an expensive failure.
On the matter of the award winning Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre, I would love to hear its history – the rise and demise of what seemed to be a great little cultural organisation.

Anzac Oval grab Minister rejects Coles Mural listing
One of the greatest heritage ironies was surely the decision by then minister Marion Scrymgour not to list the Rieff building, about where the credit union is now, a fine example of a tin shed dressed up as a shop in the best tradition of Alice in the 50s, with its attractive pressed metal verandah ceiling on the corner of Gregory Terrace and Hartley St.
The irony?
An Abooriginal minister allowing the destruction of a bit of whitefella heritage to allow the expansion of an Aboriginal-owned shopping centre.

Coles Mural: Government, Heritage Council fall silent
Who owns the wall anyway?
Presumably Coles only leases it.
Perhaps the owner would care to comment on the imposition that heritage listing might bring.
One could perhaps argue that the building would be more valuable with a historical mural than without?

A job program that actually works
Congratulations to all, and it will be great to see some local faces as I do my shopping.
About six or seven years ago Woolies ran a similar program and employed some local Aborigianl people, but none of them lasted very long once they completed the training.
It would be interesting to follow up this story in six months or a year to see how these new keen employees go, and whether they get the ongoing support needed to stay in the job, or even better, to go beyond entry-level positions.

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