Well said, Erwin and June. Unfortunately, many Aboriginal people are disgruntled …

Comment on CLC members want forensic probe into their organisation by Smithy.

Well said, Erwin and June.
Unfortunately, many Aboriginal people are disgruntled and disengaged with with the CLC because they have dared question an anthropologist, lawyer or the CEO and have been tossed out with the garbage.
The CEO has recognition for his land rights / outstation claims, but how many other families have not been looked after so favourably?
The CLC says the organisation is set up to help people enjoy their land rights. I wonder how many Aboriginal people are actually enjoying their land rights.
When someone has dared stick their neck out and question the CLC, they are shut down by the CLC machinery.
Where is the community engagement? What does the community (both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal) understand about the CLC and its functions? Are its staff even privy to, or have knowledge of its investments like Kittles, or Centrecorp as a whole.
Who benefits from Centrecorp moneys / scholarships / grants? Is it remote disadvantaged Aboriginal people?

Recent Comments by Smithy

Conflicting stories for Parrtjima’s lights on the hill
Why shouldn’t Elders be paid for their consultancy work? Any other person providing professional advice in any other profession would charge a consultancy fee – and a steep one at that! $$. These Elders are constantly humbugged by Government and Organisations in Alice Springs because of their status as key owners and caretakers. Government and Org’s do not see or live the stress these Elders have to deal with that exists in the Aboriginal landscape here. These leaders are torn down and heavily criticised within this community by their own people, and also by Government or non-Aboriginal people who want them to make immediate decisions about events, festivals, land developments etc. This is why even the simplest of decisions about land or development is a major issue.

We should be applauding Apmereke-artweye Benedict Stevens and Kwertengwerles Coco and Felicity for engaging with this highly contentious process.

Dreamtime stories in the palm of your hand
Anthwerrke, Emily Gap, is a major Utnerrengatye site. Not Yeperenye and not Ntyarlke.
The signage/name change is even wrong. The CLC anthro should be helping TOs with proper research as there has been a breakdown in knowledge.
This looks to be a great idea but CLC/TOs, do us a favour and get the story and placenames correct. Jessie Gap signage is wrong too.

Song injects life into lights on the hill
Great to see Apmereke-artweye, Benedict Stevens, involved. He is the owner of the area we now call Alice Springs and as a community we should support and get behind him.

A side note – the organisers should be using the correct eastern/central Arrernte spelling ‘Pwarrtyeme’. The current spelling ‘Parrtjima’ is using the western dialect and is not the correct language for the Alice Springs area. It may also encourage the public to use the correct orthography, developed by Arrernte language workers since the 1980’s.

Indigenous art gallery, cultural centre: combined or separate?
To the committee:
If the rumour mill is true, you cannot call the centre ‘Nganampa’. It is to be built on Arrernte country and should have an Arrernte name.

Elders appeal to respect sacred sites
@ Mike,
Thanks for your comments. However, I cannot agree that for any sort of minor weed management on significant sites (such as hand weeding for example) or rubbish collection – AAPA needs to be consulted.
That implies that AAPA are now the owners / caretakers and takes real decision making and Aboriginal governance away from the hands of TOs. Unfortunately, this has become a reality as there is too much conjecture over who the TOs are (despite who you may think they are), who has the right to talk and whether the people that do talk have the authority to.
The addition of AAPA into any such conversation over simple NRM management is ridiculous, especially when local Aboriginal people want to be proactive in the management of their country.

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