James, Adelaide has the lowest cost of living in Australia …

Comment on Treasurer says small jobs package great for tradies by Evelyne Roullet.

James, Adelaide has the lowest cost of living in Australia and NT/ACT have the highest.

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Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
@ Former resident: “No more drive through bottle shops for Alice or Tennant Creek.”
Why not Darwin? It is bad enough that I cannot buy my sherry for cooking before 6pm.
I have a certificate of naturalisation stating that I have the same rights and privileges than all Australians.
Close all drive through bottle shops and I will agree with you. Unless Northern Territory is not Australia.
You have the happy drinkers and the nasty and violent drinkers. Why put them all in the same bag?

Mayor: town needs ‘full lockdown’ on bottle shops
Local bloke: Would that make a difference if it was expensive wine? May be it is for a party, a take away for going away for one week or two!
Alcohol is already controlled: No cask wine, fortified wine before 6pm and limited to one bottle.
Control! Control! It is bandaid solutions punishing the non-guilty. Fixing the cause of the illness is more difficult.

Mayor: town needs ‘full lockdown’ on bottle shops
Pseudo Guru: Pension is not welfare, most pensioners worked and spent a lifetime paying for their pensions. It’s not welfare and, when it was introduced, it was actually meant to be an entitlement.
“The stigma of charity should be removed from the age pension. It should be an entitlement earned by the person’s personal contribution to the fund,” said a very famous Australian long ago.
Who? Former Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies. When? At the time the current pension scheme was introduced.
Menzies was Opposition Leader when then Prime Minister Ben Chifley announced a National Welfare Fund to pay for pensions, unemployment relief, child endowments, even health care with a 7.5%tax increase.
Menzies insisted that the Compulsory Contribution (levy) should be kept completely separate; that it should be paid straight into a trust account and not mixed with the general revenue.
The contributions made by millions of taxpayers over a half century have effectively been “stolen” by successive governments of both persuasions who could not resist the money grab – much like our superannuation funds today!
The Coalition, supported by Labor and the Greens, has turned 180 degrees from Menzies’ view the age pension is “an entitlement earned by the person’s personal contribution to the fund” and portrays it as charity.
My data come from an article of Brian Hale, former business editor of The Courier-Mail and The Australian.

Empathy for youth on the streets ‘a must’: FOCAS volunteers
If Karina wants volunteers she has to answer her phone.

Cr Melky alleges budget irregularity
Council has redirected the amount allocated for the loan repayment to capital works along Ilparpa Road?!
What about a portion for Brown and Priest Streets to build a bike / pedestrian crossing?

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