Oh please. Taxi operators have taken the travelling public for …

Comment on Uber: Who will win? by Morgan Hitchcock.

Oh please. Taxi operators have taken the travelling public for granted for years. While I agree that fares and GST should be paid correctly the Uber platform is excellent for its use, ability and flexibility to meet changes in demand.
These days the equipment in a cab can be replaced by an iPhone and some software, I was just driven to the Canberra Railway station in a brand new Subaru with a courteous driver. I have a photo, registration and number plate in my email.
He has a 4.8 out of five satisfaction rating, I would choose Uber over a cab most times for this reason.
When I summoned him I could see him coming through the app and the fare was automatically charged to my credit card. Like most drivers he offered me a cold bottled water.
Fix the fares, make them pay GST but bring it on for the NT.

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Warrant for police search of construction firm office
No comment on the articles.
MPH built me a house in Ntaria in 2015. They did a great job, a good price, professional relationship with me and my architect, attention to detail and obvious pride in their work. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to build anything.

The Centre should be a major player in the power game
I can’t find Tyralgon in NSW on Google. Can you provide more information please?

Abortion reform likely to have bi-partisan support
Russell, why would abortion be the only medical procedure which has legally mandated counselling. Doctors are already required to give information for informed consent so the patient understands the risks of the procedure. To answer your question that would count as harassment.
Where does conscientious objection end? Do we have JW doctors neglecting to offer blood transfusions, Catholic doctors not offering advice on the use of condoms to a gay man, Asian doctors refusing to ask if a patient wants to donate their organs. This procedure has been legal in Australia for decades, and if a Doctor can’t handle that they should not be practicing in that area.
Protesting outside clinics is harassment of individual women, if they want to protest outside their local members office or at Parliament House thats different. They are accessing a legal medical procedure, and should be left alone. If you want to change the system lobby the people who can change it.

Old Melanka site for sale – again
Would hazard that the change in zoning has increased the value of the land considerably.

Yuendumu break-ins: culprits are small children
For one thing, I think people shouldn’t post on here unless they will use their name. It’s disingenuous.
I don’t know why we think that Aboriginal parents have the monopoly on being hopeless parents. We certainly have a lot of young parents and poor home lives which influence kids to not want to be at home.
To say that children are the responsibility of parents is very easy, but that is already the case. If the parents will not take responsibility, we will have a lost generation of kids who aren’t going to school and end up with no skills and no prospect of employment.
If we don’t spend the money now on youth workers, we will pay much more later on when there are more people in gaol.

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