Eli You say that if the Polynesians can put on …

Comment on Council partnership in CBD complex seems certain by Fred.

Eli You say that if the Polynesians can put on a cultural show, why cant we?
Well the cultural centre is far less ambitious that the spectacular Polynesian show.
So how’s it going?
Are you and the other members of council moving ahead with it?
Absolutely not from what I can see.
So why are you promoting an ambitious cultural show when, along with our other representatives, you can’t facilitate a cultural centre?
Stumbling with the baby steps while talking about running a marathon?
Running with an ambitious development while basic services are poor and very expensive?
Drifting away from the boring core functions of a council to run a political agenda?

Fred Also Commented

Council partnership in CBD complex seems certain
Eli, It worries me that our council does not appear to be operating in the real world of Alice Springs
The local reaction to the development you have supported clearly demonstrates that.
Similarly your idea of a Polynesian cultural centre as in Hawaii is not going to happen here and frankly is absurd in our context.
One could write a book on the reasons for that.
So we need practical development that is based on our town and we need representatives with a firm and complete grasp of the local realities and sentiments.

Council partnership in CBD complex seems certain
Eli you say that creating open space is good, but query how I would justify paying millions for buildings from private land owners to create this open space.
If open space is good why have you been supporting a development that destroys the best open space in the mall?
The most positive experience of Aboriginal people and culture many tourists get is through the painting sales on the Mall open space.
For many that is the sum total of their experience of another culture they have come half way around the world to meet.
I see positive interaction on the open space all the time.
Open space on the Mall is overdue to be revalued as a cultural meeting place for local Aboriginal people and tourists.
It is a tourist drawcard.
That’s how I would justify paying millions from the $30m the Council has to create more open space.

Council partnership in CBD complex seems certain
This proposal is ghastly, inappropriate and destroys the best part of the Mall.
It comes close on the heels of the monstrous law and order edifice, the new supreme court building.
Spend the $30m to control rate increases and to unwind development to bring some of our town’s soul back.
Perhaps acquire buildings near the mall to be demolished and turned into open space.
The new proposal should be put on hold until the next council election.
That way ratepayers will get a chance to vote according to the candidates’ disposition towards it.
It is a worry that our council appears to be chronically incapable of coming up with development concepts that enhance the livability of our town.

Recent Comments by Fred

Buffel grass: Don’t blame (only) the CSIRO
The Desert Park is by no means buffel free.
Even after thousands of hours of eradication work buffel thrives in places.
Buffel produces so many wind borne seeds that constant work is needed to control it.
Interesting to learn that the Brown Family were early introducers of the weed that now threatens the entire landscape.

National Aboriginal Art Gallery: Anzac Oval off the table
Evelyne Roullet yes there was disrespect but also the Aboriginal group just don’t get it.
The gallery must be viable, it must draw tourists and help local businesses.
It must be profitable.
It must be in or near the CBD.
Ryan, as a deeply conflicted employee of the NT Government, quite apart from being our Mayor, was always going to support the Anzac Oval proposal but he is also right on the economics.
We can’t keep expecting the NT Government to prop up our tourist attractions as they prop up the Desert Park.
South of the Gap is just crazy from this viewpoint.
Of course the Aboriginal group, never having to consider profitability in their lives as they are endlessly in the Government’s funding trough, miss this entirely.
But here’s a chance for CentreCorp, an Aboiginal owned body that ownes half the town including [half of – ED] Peter Kittle motors and the Yepenentyre Shopping Centre.
Let’s see Aboriginal money backing up Aboriginal culture with cash.

Zoning: Racial segregation can start in primary school
Thank you for shining a light on this well known but rarely discussed issue that perpetuates racial and educational inequality.

Top cop must go, says Congress after stabbing death
Cheap shot considering that Congress is a part owner of CentreCorp.
Until recently CentreCorp ran the Memo Club as a major source of grog for Aboriginal people.
So while Congress was getting $40m a year of tax payer funds for Aboriginal patients, many of them alcoholics, it was peddling alcohol to them.
Best for Congress to focus on lifting its own standards.

New NT tax an absolute disaster, says mining industry
Shares in Arafura Resources, the miner trying to start a new mine to the north of Alice Springs, dropped 9% today.
The chance of Arafura getting finance for the mine has been all but destroyed by this new royalty.
A lot of small investors, many of them Territorians supporting the NT, will lose their shirts.

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