It would be interesting to know where Congress got the …

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It would be interesting to know where Congress got the money from to purchase the Memo Club. If it is through Centrecorp, isn’t that a conflict somewhere?
Centrecorp own the building, Congress is on the Board of Centrecorp. What money has Congress saved to get this amount of money, or is Centrecorp selling it off cheaper than what they paid for it?

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Will Aboriginal councillor be blocked from town camps?
I too am interested, Desert Rat. Can he explain why he is living on a town camp and getting a car and top dollar wages? Is his rent the same as others in low income families?

Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit
Government authorities need to step in ASAP.
These vandals need to be stopped and parents need to be responsible.
They know they can get away with it now because no one is touching them since the Don Dale fiasco and now with Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service (CAALAS) calling for the Judge to be sacked for daring to hold a youth in custody until he is assessed.
Come on CAALAS and Voller, what you going to do about all this happening now?

Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS
Well the Judge did the right thing. the Lad had no home, no one to look after him and take responsibility. The Lawyer went in with the thinking, the Judge won’t lock him up due to all what is happening now with the juvenile detention issues.
The lawyer went in unprepared, no plan as to who was going to look after the lad, who was going to care for him.
The Judge did this so that the powers that be can assess the lad and work on a plan to allow him back into society. Brave move, Judge.

CDU oval a public place no longer
This is indeed sad to happen, but it is appearing everywhere, every bit of nice grassed area we have is being abused.
You only have to look at the demise of the Memorial Cemetery from a small grassed area around near the ablution block to nothing but fenced off toilets, no grass and prickles and weeds.
A disgrace to a place where the old pioneers who helped to build this town are laid to rest.

Boy, 12, accused of ram-raiding. Woman assaulted.
I hope they have to pay for the damage they have done.
They need to be made responsible or their parents or both.
These youths are getting away with everything and they know they can.

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