Again I see Alice, possibly the best place in the …

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Again I see Alice, possibly the best place in the world to go totally solar, subject itself to fossil fuels.
Come on Alice, and the Wakaya.

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How 50% solar in the NT by 2030 can mean 100% in Alice
Ian Clarke that sounds ridiculous but is it the capacity of your link to the grid rather than being “allowed”? Of course in that case you need a fatter cable. Or can’t they cope with the extra power?
If so a big battery, perhaps from Mr Musk, would help.

The hidden costs in the switch to solar
May I suggest you Google the smart grid. It helps to overcome the problems mentioned here.
Distribution of power sources, your roof or a big solar farm, all aggregated, plus and of battery storage, where ever it is, eg your electric car, or the big suppliers.

NAIDOC celebrates the Wild Dog Story of Alice Springs
Good story and thanks to commentator Alex Nelson who made it all the more interesting

Storage major obstacle for going mostly solar: TG
If Australia gets a decent government committed to the climate I would have thought that Alice could be the perfect test bed for all sorts of solar technologies. One day it could be a major supplier to the rest of the country. There seems to be a deficit in policy and imagination in your great country.

Stop government funding promoting Rock: Steve Brown
I’ve visited Alice twice and intend to again before too long.
Uluru is a great place to visit, but I only went the first time and that was from from Alice.
It’s a fairly long drive but plenty to see along the way and interesting commentary from the driver and stops at sights and the roadhouse.
Second time I stayed in Alice and there’s plenty of other great places to visit from and in Alice, in a day.
And better restaurants and shops and entertainment.
So don’t rush and do go to Alice Springs.

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