Great news indeed, for FIFO workers. Territorians from the bush …

Comment on 1.6b mining projects inching towards reality by David.

Great news indeed, for FIFO workers.
Territorians from the bush should move to Perth or one of the other cities. You might get lucky in scoring a job in one of those exciting future projects to help contribute towards building your Territory.
Prospects of Territorians making up the 300 construction workforce and 160 operational jobs once completed, would be minimal.
If fair dinkum, put a recruitment office in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek, close to these big projects, not just in the interstate cities and online recruitment.

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‘Resetting the button’ of Aboriginal men’s identity
If it was more widely known.

Chance for elders to help cops fight youth crime?
Ok, do nothing then.

Liquor Commission: Lawyer, social worker represent Alice
About time the Liquor Commission was reinstated.
Are there any Aboriginal members on this new commission, the people who are subject to and affected the most by grog? Should have seen Q&A the other week.
As far as online ordering of grog, Aboriginal people have adapted quite well to modern communications technology and use it to good effect like everyone else.
It is known grog has been ordered online. The Chrisco Christmas hamper to name one.
The new commission has a job ahead of it not just to listen to people but act in the best interest of everybody.
Grog running is a scourge that needs greater attention and much harsher and realistic penalties. This being inflicted on people by black and white grog runners.
These are just some of many things the new Liquor Commission may be confronted with once they have found their feet.

Offenders bailed to ‘country’: An option, says police
@ Jones: Well, you would think all those mentioned Aboriginal interests who were involved or still involved in the selling of grog to Aboriginal people, would have a prick of conscience and consider working with police on the “bailed to country” and bail conditions, instead of calling for more cops at the grog outlets.
In times past up in Tennant Creek, when there were good working relationships between police and Aboriginal organisations, trespass notices were taken out against persistent trouble makers from out of town in Aboriginal controlled establishments by the organisations and it would be supported by police making sure those trouble makers were on the next bus out of town.
Bail to country could work on similar lines for the whole town. There needs to be a holistic approach to this proposed option by police. There needs to be a break and respite to the ongoing problems.

Offenders bailed to ‘country’: An option, says police
Alcohol does play a big part in a lot of these troubles but right alongside this story in the Alice Springs News, is an IGA Lhere Artepe advertisement advertising liquor amongst food items available.
I wonder if Lhere Artepe representing Native Title holders of Alice Springs, will be one of the non government partners involved in giving advice to police?
First should be, that Lhere Artepe have a moral conscience and give up their grog license for the sake of Aboriginal people. Demonstrate true leadership.

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