@ Hal: Storage of salt waste from CSG has always …

Comment on Salt mine: Alice needs to grasp a major opportunity by Collins.

@ Hal: Storage of salt waste from CSG has always been part of the proposal. Clearly it won’t be in slurry form as stated below. Storing liquids in a salt deposit would be a bad idea for obvious reasons.

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Volunteers are beating buffel
Peppering???!! I foolishly wasted 30 seconds of my life reading that article.

Youth detention Royal Commission ‘compromised’
The Prime Minister said the Royal Commission has been asked to examine:
• failings in the child protection and youth detention systems of the Government of the Northern Territory;
• the effectiveness of any oversight mechanisms and safeguards to ensure the treatment of detainees was appropriate;
• cultural and management issues that may exist within the Northern Territory youth detention system;
• whether the treatment of detainees breached laws or the detainees’ human rights; and
• whether more should have been done by the Government of the Northern Territory to take appropriate measures to prevent the re-occurrence of inappropriate treatment.

Impu to spend at least 14 years in prison
Paul Parker … thanks for removing the thin veil that usually shrouds the deep sexism underlying much of what passes for progressive analysis of these issues in Central Australia.

Take kids out of schools: Yipirinya’s new head
I recall Crikey and various anti-intervention campaigners promoting this nutter as an expert on education policy a couple of years ago.

Firebrands United: Block gas, oil production, says Anderson
Looks like plenty of empty seats which is not really surprising.
Anyway … I can only ask why Alison did not revoke the oil and gas exploration permit application over Watarrka NP when she was directly asked to by traditional owners, while she was a minister who had the ability to do so. What a sad weathervaney political joke you are.

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