Oxford Dictionary on Rabbit – quote = a poor performer …

Comment on They must be joking! by Greg.

Oxford Dictionary on Rabbit – quote = a poor performer at any time !

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Planning another plan
The best improvement would be to buy a bulldozer and put it to work erasing what’s there!

Horses perish near Santa Teresa
“What steps are our leaders taking to tackle the effects of climate change” has nothing to do with this. Making sure that bores are working on a regular basis does!

No plans to stop NATS: Gunner
Everything that is illegal on the nations highways is not, as long as you pay for it!

Ross River resort moving into the future
There is another access route, south down Ross River, via Ndala Gorge, and return via Ringwood Road to Alice Springs, requiring 4WD.

NT last in population growth, first in booze & fags use
What statistics can we gather from those not connected to the sewerage system! There must be a kit we can get from the Statistical Bureau, to enable a more complete result!

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