@ Russel Guy. Can’t quite make any sense of this …

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@ Russel Guy. Can’t quite make any sense of this comment, however most of the comments come from people who are not exactly recent arrivals. Alex born here, Frank forty plus years, etc.
All quite irrelevant to the subject anyway.
I think I have figured it out.
It is Michael Sitzler giving us the finger, as he leaves town, and for voting out his mate Adam Giles who gave him the job.
Which produced a horror of a building which we all dislike intensely.
We really need to get to the bottom of the Council decision to exempt it from the Public Art process.
Over to you Damien.

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Is Adam Giles making a bid for top land council job?
Hal, David Ross started working at CLC in 1979.
He has been Director/CEO for 20 years.
I am not sure of his exact age, but it would seem that he is due for retirement.
Giles’ leadership and management abilities are on record for all to see with his brilliant success as Chief Minister of the NT.

Government-made dust bowl: What comes next
Mr Stubbin is no doubt from Darwin.
Perhaps no one has told him that we do not have a “rainy season” in the Centre?

Rain: Yesss!
Another 12mm yesterday. Over an inch in total. Certainly not drought breaking, but will green things up a bit.
By the way Alex, I think the Indian ocean dipole perhaps has more effect on Central Australia than El Nino, particularly with summer rain.

Rain: Yesss!
Measured 14mm in Chewings St.
Overflowed the gutters and swamped the garden.
Lovely to hear the thunder and rain.
And the petrichor!

Anzac Precinct: govt declines to play ball, confusion reigns
Erwin, at this point one has to ask “cui bono” (who benefits?)
It is hard to imagine that a Government would behave in such a pig-headed, stupid, financially irresponsible way (well, maybe not so hard).
So I have to ask, what don’t we know about their motives for this?
Surely it can’t be the nonsense of “rejuvenating the north end of the mall”.
What else is at play here?

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