Good on Elferink, about time the ABC reporting was called …

Comment on Elferink attacks ABC’s Four Corners: Royal Commission by Hermann Weber.

Good on Elferink, about time the ABC reporting was called to account.

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Alice wants substantial increase in solar: survey
I think Richard is away with the fairies. Who would foot the bill for all this? Certainly not his group. Spot on Laurence. The survey is laughable.

‘CLP rehashes fracking policy that caused its wipe-out’
But then she would say that.

Review, don’t celebrate Pine Gap: Alice peace group
Dave Price is correct. Just a reminder, a bit of alternate history: If the Japanese had not attacked Pearl Harbour and Hitler had followed the expeditionary forces from Dunkirk straight to Britain America would not have entered the war.
We would now be speaking Japanese.
Thank America for saving us then and keeping us safe now. Don’t worry too much about Donald, he’ll be gone in three years. But Kim will be as well as Putin and Xi.

Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit
Michael is correct. Why is all of this always swept under the carpet?
Wasn’t mentioned in any way on Q&A on Monday. Should have been there first and foremost instead of soft soaping.

‘Child One’ behind bars: Who could, should have helped?
Will it ever end? So sad.

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