Good on Elferink, about time the ABC reporting was called …

Comment on Elferink attacks ABC’s Four Corners: Royal Commission by Hermann Weber.

Good on Elferink, about time the ABC reporting was called to account.

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Leaving town: Centre, its creatures will miss Kaye Kessing
We wish all happiness in the new future. You will be a great loss to the Territory. We count us lucky having known you. All the Best.

Fracking OK, but under ‘strict laws’ – Gunner
Well blow me down, I never thought he would have the guts to go ahead.
And a Labor Government at that. Good on him.
The benefits to the Territory will be considerable. Maybe able to cut the life line from the Australian taxpayer and stand on our own feet.

Gallery poll: less than 40% wanted Anzac Oval
Well the more you dither in the Territory the less chance you will have for a Nationally recognised Centre. Wether Darwin, or Alice Springs, the new kid on the block is South Australia with a new Government. They’ll snatch it quicker than you can say Aboriginal Art Centre.

Second Barkly child tragedy highlights need for urgent action
The only one making sense here tragically is Alex Nelson. Who said if you don’t learn from history you are set to repeat it?
And it it looks we are doing it again and again, albeit with different players. Same show, different actors.

Federal study casts light on future source of town water
Interesting article. Very informative, 30 years ago the prediction was that Rocky Hill would be in full production for some years by now. Roe Creek must be holding up very well.

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