Dick and Iain, two powerful figures in our community: great, …

Comment on Dick Kimber: premier scholar of Central Australia by Evelyne Roullet.

Dick and Iain, two powerful figures in our community: great, humble,friendly who made me welcome at work at Alice High in the ’70s, will be forever in my memories.
The booklet by Dick,”Cultural values associated with Alice Springs water”, was part of my toolkit when working in the tourism industry.

Recent Comments by Evelyne Roullet

Drug dog sniffs out grog runners
Ntharipe Observer: You have excellent points to argue the dilemma caused by alcohol. However, you make it sound like in a community there are more violent alcoholics than responsible men and women.
Groups similar to Neighbourhood Watch could be formed, supported by the local police.
Neighbourhood Watch is a successful community-based crime prevention program aimed at the protection of property and personal safety.
It is not simple but can be done as it must be easy to spot a foreign cars entering or visiting the community.
No question of martial arts or any other physical violence: Citizen arrest should be enough and if followed by the destruction of the vehicle would send a message to traffickers.

Firm ‘no’ from PM, Scullion to bailing out ‘bankrupt’ Territory
Uluru and Kata Tjuta, like Kakadu, is Federal domain. Why does a Federal Government help a Labor Government?

National Indigenous Art Gallery future in doubt: Gunner
Spot on Local Thinker, but the government want the Anzac oval! For some obscure reason.

Drug dog sniffs out grog runners
Illegal drugs – alcohol is not on the list! Neither is tobacco.
It’s an offense in the Northern Territory (NT) to drive if you have a prohibited drug in your body, measured by police using a saliva or blood test.
Is there a law dictating how much alcohol can be carried in a vehicle? No!
Therefore until the vehicle enters a restricted area no crime has being committed. All one can do is guess why so much alcohol was there.
In my opinion, stop banning and prohibition.
People should learn to control their environment.
Communities that do not want alcohol should have their control at the entrance gates and be free to burn the vehicles in breach of the rules.

Community group pledged to save Darwin
When will Alice Reignite be born?

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