Am one of those lucky to have known Erwin about …

Comment on Advocate: Getting it wrong on their big day by Paul Parker.

Am one of those lucky to have known Erwin about as long as he has been in Alice Springs.
He has my long term respect, often admiration, for his ongoing international demonstration of excellence in journalism.
Erwin, keep it up 😉

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Alcohol floor price may breach Australian Constitution
Re: Strikey, posted October 13, 2018 at 11:36 pm.
“When you have a 40,000 year old culture of sharing everything, then it perfectly acceptable for 10 mates to chip in fifty bucks each to buy a bottle of rum!”
Culture is not fixed.
Culture is about acceptable behavior, sharing is part of every culture.
Each culture applies measures which reflect their environment, each adapts to suit their environment, their physical and social survival.
Culture is slow to change, yet each culture experiences ongoing change, ongoing adaptation.
Failing to recognize, to understand, limitations and changes within each cultural group demonstrates ignorance or disrespect.
Every generation re-writes what is culturally acceptable to them.

Council shoots Anzac precinct gallery down in flames
I congratulate the councillors for their demonstrated commitment to principles, to what is best for their community, and with support from the community.
With inadequate public information, such rejection is the best decision for government.
Good government for good decisions requires full, open, lengthy and public discussions of issues long before decisions to be made.
For far too long various NT governments have regularly demonstrated their lack of this ability.
Voters in the NT need ensure each MLA understands clearly they are elected, or rejected, by their electorate, not their party.

Ice Age in Alice
A social community provides regular review of social boundary limits.
We need formal review increases as numbers of offenders and victims rises.
Many offendors are themselves victims.

Ice Age in Alice
Australia has a culture to do with tolerance.
Unfortunately far too many of influence prefer to promote their own “preferred flavour”.
They fail go recognise it is our range of acceptable ideas, acceptable flavours, which enables better decisions – in the longer term, which makes Australia a beacon to others.
Our ability to tolerate different thinking is what enables things to improve for us all.

Student boarding funding restored – for now
Pleased to see funding will continue to support rural and remote families able keep their children boarding at St Philip’s, and other colleges, and so receive mainstream education.
IMHO restoring level of funding is not sufficient.
It’s clear many rural and remote students grossly fail to achieve their potential.
It’s easy enough to provide schools for pre, infants and primary, however secondary education in many areas lacks population to justify secondary schools.
There exists still a failure to provide equality of opportunity in education for rural and remote families.
Alice Springs and other Schools of the Air demonstrate how improved internet enables lower cost specialist secondary educators to conduct rural and remote classes and discussions using video link with local support, but is this currently and regularly provided and used?
Education can ensure equality of opportunity.
There exists considerable room for improvement from Commonwealth, states and territories, each share responsibility for the social disease of failure to thrive in education.

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